LaBrandon Shead (Shaved Head Wolf) On The Walking Dead Season 6

Posted: 02/03/2016 in Television, The Walking Dead, TV

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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Tell the Blastzone Online readers how they would know you?
LS: How’s it goin? Online Readers may know me from The Walking Dead in episode 2 JSS playing a wolf.
MW: How did you get cast as a “Shaved Head Wolf” on The Walking Dead season 6?
LS: I originally auditioned for the show several times through the course of two years. I would always get close to to being cast and Id find out it went another way. I got cast as the “Shaved head Wolf” because I stayed on castings radar and I finally got lucky. Maybe they got tired of of seeing my audition tapes and gave in (laughs).
MW: What did you think when you got the call?
LS: When I finally got the call I thought it was a joke. My agents Tay Smith and Chris Young have been with me from the beginning. They called and I had to sit down. They told me the stunt coordinator would call and then it all became very real. It was a dream really.
MW: How was it working with The Walking Dead cast?
LS: Working with the walking dead cast was like working with the best of the best. The Director Jen Lynch was truly one of the best directors you could ever work with. Her excitement on set gave everyone life! Lennie James and Seth Gilliam were incredible. It was like taking a masters class in acting on the worlds biggest stage.
MW: Give me a story from The Walking Dead set?
LS: While on set I got clocked in the ear really good by Lennie James stick on one of the takes. I could hear out of it for a good minute or so. It was so hot outside they literally kept putting ice bags over my head and neck to keep me from passing out shooting this epic fight scene.
MW: How hard was it to keep it quite before your episode?
LS: It was unbelievable how hard it was to keep quite about being on the show. I literally had to trick my myself into thinking it never happened. I failed at that though. When Sept/Oct came I had to at least post a trailer of the new season. I think someone may have recognized me getting my head knocked around a bit by Lennie James! I made no comment (laughs).
MW: If you were asked would you come back as a walker?
LS: I would absolutely come back as a walker. People never saw me completely die from the shot maybe there’s a chance.
MW: Who would you want to kill you?
LS: If someone were to take me out Id like it to be Rick Grimes. Andrew Lincoln has done a magnificent job making this show what it is. To go head to head with him would be incredible.
MW: How can Walking Dead fans reach out to you?
LS: Walking Dead fans can reach out to me by my Twitter handle LaBrandon_Shead and IG LaBrandon Shead.
MW: What else do you got going on?
LS: I’m currently trying to stay busy. I have a couple films releasing next year one called Triple 9 starring Casey Affleck and Woody Harrelson along with Norman Reedus. I also have a hbo film starring Kerry Washington I was lucky enough to be apart of. Some of my good friends have a film called Dealer coming out Im really excited about that will turn some heads. Look out for the film Redman Aswell it already won best picture in Ireland at the yellow fever festival.
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
LS: In closing Id like to say never give up on your dream. I failed so many times in this career just keep pushing and things will eventually fall your way. There’s no time limit on your dream.

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