Interview With Bruce Kulick Ex. KISS Guitarist Now With Grand Funk Railroad

Posted: 01/26/2016 in ICON, Music


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
BK: Bruce Kulick
MW: You just released KKB – Got To Get Back from 1974. Tell me about the project?
BK: It’s a throwback with a new song to open the CD, and I am very proud of it. Killer playing for a young band.
MW: Were these 6 songs the only songs from the session?
BK: From the actual 1974 recordings at Sudden Rush. Yes. We had some outtakes but only these 6 songs were recorded.
How did the project come about?
BK: Mike Katz is the principle writer and singer. Our rehearsing paid off well, as the songs recorded sounded too good once the original 4 track tapes were found. We just decided to do a NEW song as well. I am pleased with the results.
MW: Did your brother Bob help you at all with the project?
BK:Not this time no.
MW: Did you ever play out with KKB?
BK: We never did a gig!  Seems strange to me.
MW: Is there any video or audio from any of the shows?
BK: Nothing…
MW: Have you been in contact with any of the KKB members since the 70’s?
BK:  Mike and I were in touch, he saw me many times when I was back East in NYC. Guy, the drummer not so much. But we hooked up last summer.
MW: Tell me about the first time playing on a stage?
BK: It was in High School, at a show and tell kind of thing in the schools auditorium.  I was nervous!
MW: What was your first first gig as a professional guitar player?
BK: That would be some of the gigs my high school band did.  We were decent for sure.
MW: Tell me about playing with Meatloaf?
BK: It was a wild year touring and performing with him. The album took off, and we played everywhere. I was “Pretty Boy” and my brother Bob was “Killer”!
MW: What do you remember most about being in Blackjack with Michael Bolton?
BK: We were very close and we knew it was a tough thing to compete with Bad Company and other successful blues rock bands.  I learned a lot working with Michael. We are still in touch.
MW: Tell me about your time with Billy Squire?
BK: I played guitar on Tale of The Tape. It was quite fun, and he is meticulous. I respect Billy tremendously.
MW: Tell me about your time with the Good Rats?
BK: Good band!  And local, so I could just drive to the shows. We were tight! Peppy was quite a character!
MW: How was it working with Michael Bolton on his solo stuff?
BK: I really enjoyed that we did some Blackjack songs! We opened for Seger and Don Brewer from GFR was on drums. Small world.
MW: How did you get the call to be in KISS?
BK: I was in NY, and Paul finally asked me to do some ghost guitar work on the current album. That was Animalize. Mark the new guitarist was ill, and I got asked to fill in. It became 12 years.
MW: What was your first show with KISS?
BK: In the UK, Sept of 1984. Brighton. My knees were shaking.
MW: Tell me what you most remember about each KISS release:
BK: Animalize  It was my first recording for KISS. The ghost guitar work was something I was proud of. My brother had done it for them so it was finally my turn. I did a solo for one song and then a few riffs at the end of another. It was my unofficial start of my 12 years with the band.  
Kiss-Asylum Asylum – MY FIRST KISS ALBUM in FULL.  Exciting. 
crazy-nights Crazy Nights – RON NEVISON at the helm.  It was cool 
67d3e5f2512420e530dadb65c56f981f Smashes, Thrashes & Hits – Just two new songs… 
1035x1035-20140320-kiss3-x1800-1395425333 Hot In The Shade – Long Album, and done on a budget to be “cool”.
cover_revenge_largeRevenge (Best KISS release ever) – Bob Ezrin was a genius whipping us into shape. I loved that album. 
359919114_ef863ac88f      KISS Alive III – Great live representation of a powerful band. 
KISS_UnpluggedKISS Unplugged – Amazingly tight, and killer vocals on this. Filmed for posterity and I am proud of it. My last gig with KISS. 
Carnival_of_Souls_KISSCarnival of Lost Souls: The Final Sessions – A dark trip of an album, lots of heavy riff, and the only album with a BK vocal. I like it. 
MW: In your time with KISS what do you remember most?
BK: The fans are all dedicated for sure!
MW: Tell me about your last show with KISS?
BK:  MTV Unplugged. Amazing. I give it a TEN.
MW: How was it working with Eric Carr?
BK: He was a great drummer. Very funny, and very sweet and king man. I miss him.
MW: What can you tell me most about working with Paul Stanley?
BK: Paul is very creative and very motivated in everything he does.
MW: What can you tell me most about working with Gene Simmons?
BK:  Gene is wild for business and working hard all the time. And he’s a great talker. Can carry on a killer conversation.
MW: Why do you think you were not invited to be part of the newest KISS lineup?
BK:  Made lots of sense to have Tommy be the “Spaceman”.
MW: Would you ever play with KISS again if asked?
BK: I miss playing with them. It can’t happen with the make up. So, I am not waiting for the phone to ring!
MW:  Lets talk about Union (I saw you all in Michigan at a casino) How did Union come about?
BK: John and I needed our next move in our careers. Our chemistry was good. He’s very talented. We were a great band.
MW: Tell me about your first show with Union?
BK: I can’t remember it!
MW: Tell me what you most remember about each Union release:
BK: Union – We were really finding out who we were, and I love the debut. 
Live In The Galaxy – Some nasty FEEDBACK is on it!  But it’s good playing! 
The Blue Room – Killer album, tight and heavy.
MW: Tell me about your last show with Union?
BK: Don’t remember.
MW: Why did Union disband?
BK: We kind of hit a wall with the business changing.
MW: Do you think Union would ever get back together?
BK: Never say never.
MW: How has it been being in Grand Funk Railroad?
BK: 15th year of touring.
MW: Tell me about your first show with Grand Funk Railroad?
BK: It was in Florida. We were good!
MW: Can we expect more music from Bruce Kulick in the future?
BK: Of course!
MW: What is on tap for the rest of 2015 for Bruce Kulick?
BK: More gigging with GFR and I am working on songs for my next solo CD.
MW: What advice would you give a young musician just starting?
BK: Keep positive, be unique and professional.
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
BK:  Visit my website and FB and please support music. Buy a CD, Vinyl, pay for iTunes etc.  Music is not for free!

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