Interview With Barbara Nedeljakova From The Horror Movie Hostel

Posted: 01/25/2016 in Actress, Movies, Scream Queens

Titulo: Hostel

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
BN: Hello everyone, my name is Barbara Nedeljakova.

MW: How would Blastzone Online readers know you?
BN: They would probably know me mostly for the role of Natalya, in Hostel.
MW: How did you get in the entertainment business?
BN: I studied acting in Prague. Afterwords I did a lot of theatre, and got couple of small roles in TV, and than landed role in Hostel, which open the door to many other things.

MW: Tell me about getting the role of Natalya in Hostel?
BN: I was living in Prague at that moment when casting agency invited me for audition. After couple of rounds of auditioning I received the exciting phone call that I got the part.
MW: How was it working with Eli Roth?
BN: Working with Eli Roth was a lot fun. He is very good director, someone who is very passionate about his work.

MW: Tell me a story from the set of Hostel?
BN: During the shoot we nickname Eli Roth ‘Gorilka’ which means monkey, so we could talk about him without him knowing. Of course later he found out, and thought it was funny and kept it as his nickname. 
MW: What do you think was the most gruesome scene in Hostel?
BN: For me it was scene where Josh (Derek Richardson) get’s tortured. The drilling inside of his leg and cutting his Achilles tendon was really hard to watch. 

MW: What else do you have going on in 2016?
BN:  A movie called Sky Sharks is to set to start filming in April in Germany.  There are also couple of other movies here in Europe, and also US, that are strong possibilites.

MW: What horror conventions are you doing in 2016?
BN: I have convention in Holland called Bats,Bones and Dice in October 2016.

MW: How can fans reach out to you to say hi or purchase an autograph?
BN: They can reach me on my Facebook page Barbara Nedeljakova, and on my website, they can purchase an autographed photo.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
BN:  I would like say to my fans thank you so much for your love and support.  Also, thank you for taking the time to talk to me.



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