Interview With Nick Joseph “Arhul Hextrophon – Medal Bearer” Star War: A New Hope

Posted: 01/23/2016 in ICON, Star Wars



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
NJ: Good Evening from Essex England UK. My name is NICK JOSEPH.
MW: How would fans of the Star Wars universe know you?
NJ: I am Known as ARHUL HEXTROPHON THE Medal of Yavin Bearer from Star Wars: A New Hope.
MW: How did you get the job to be the Medal Bearer in Star Wars: A New Hope?
NJ: My Agent telephoned me and asked if I was interested in working on a Low Budget Movie called Star Wars, I said yes and that was the beginning of Love @ 1st sight.
MW: Why did Chewy not get a medal?
NJ: Chewy did get a Medal after many years “BUT“ he was also given the Medal @ the Manchester England Con in 2015 (why he never got one during the movie is a mystery – I bet George Lucas Forgot).
MW: What did you think when you got the job?
NJ: @ first it was just like another job but as filming went on I got a feeling that I could get a good feature – that I did & very grateful I am.
MW: How was it working with Mark Hamill?
NJ: Mark Hamill was OK very pleasant guy to talk to & I am sure to this day he is still the same.
MW: How was it working with Carrie Fisher?
NJ: Carrie Fisher, now Carrie was really nice & friendly, we spoke long about her parents Eddie & Debbie as my very good friend’s father worked on many movies with Debbie as a Prop Man & was also friendly with the family – I really hope to meet up sometime.
MW: How was it working with Kenny Baker?
NJ: Kenny is a good guy & we have met on many occasions after the movie @ Conventions all over the world.
MW: How was it working with Harrison Ford?
NJ: Harrison Ford he was ok but not as friendly as the others – once he finished his scenes he went into his dressing room BUT yes he was ok.
MW: How much did you get to work with George Lucas?
NJ: George Lucas , he was ok to work with I only spoke with him a few times during shooting my scenes – he spoke to me more times about positioning on set so the Medal could be seen given to Han Solo.
MW: Has there been a Medal Bearer action figure done?
NJ: A figure has been made for me by Steven Smith in the USA but no others as far as I know (shame) I keep asking different Companies but to no avail???.
MW: The Star Wars Card Trader needs to make a Medal Bearer Card. Do you use the Star Wars Card Trader app.?
NJ: I don’t know of this – its good news to me, I will try this out – thanks for that.
MW: Give me a story from the set of Star Wars: A New Hope?
NJ:  When we started to shoot the 1st scene of the Medal Ceremony (long shot on entering) as the 3 walked down the steps someone FARTED so we had to stop to calm down & reset – next all went well.
MW: Have you saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet?
NJ: Yes I saw it that night “FREE “ as I was signing @ the local cinema from 10pm after we all went our separate ways droopy eyed.
MW: What did you like about Star Wars: The Force Awakens?
NJ: It reminded me of the 1st movie “A New Hope“ it was such a great movie I have seen it again since as the 2nd time I saw parts that were missed – I will get it on DVD when it comes out sometime soon (WE HOPE).
MW: What did you not like about Star Wars: The Force Awakens?
NJ: There is nothing really that I do not like about “The Force Awakens“ as this is what to expect for the Movies of today.
MW: What conventions will you be doing in 2016?
NJ: I will be busy again in 2016 with Conventions in the UK – 2 in the USA (Tampa  &  Mississippi) –  Malta  – total so far 15 Cons & hoping for Disney to contact me for “CELEBRATION EUROPE“ in London on July 15/16/17 – that would be awesome.
MW: How can fans reach out to you to say hi or buy a autographed photo?
NJ: I can be reached by my website – &  Also FaceBook.
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
NJ: I would like to thank all my Fans/Friends who have contacted me over the years for Photo’s – The Medal of Yavin – etc etc as without them STAR WARS would be just another movie to me – I thank you all so very much for all your kindness & love of the FORCE – God Bless you &  “ MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALL AS WELL “ Nick Joseph as Arhul Hextrophon.

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