Interview With Kevin Bull From American Ninja Warrior On NBC & Esquire

Posted: 07/28/2015 in American Ninja Warrior, Reality TV, Television, TV


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself.
KB: I am Kevin Bull former collegiate track and field athlete and current American Ninja Warrior! I also have a condition called Alopecia that causes me to be hairless.

MW: What made you want to compete in American Ninja Warrior?
KB: Originally I wanted to compete in American Ninja Warrior to test my limits on the worlds greatest obstacle course.

MW: Tell me what went through your mind the first time you stood on the stage and the time started?
KB: Relief was the first thing I felt. I had been a walk-on and was unsure if I was going to get a chance to go or what time during the night I would be running. I had been staying warm by jogging in place and jumping around for about 4 hours when they told me I could run and I was just happy to get my opportunity. I was very worried about the second obstacle, the spinning wheel, so my relief was short lived and I was soon in full competition mode.


MW: What goes through your head when going through each obstacle?
KB: I visualize the obstacles before I get on the course, so I try to stick to my visualization, constantly checking to see if anything is off, and at the back of my mind is the idea that the water might as well be lava and going in is not an option.

MW: Your first time competing for American Ninja Warrior was season 6 in 2014. Take me back to that day?
KB: I was not selected as a competitor through the regular process, so I decided to camp out in front of the course and try for a spot as a walk-on. It was a difficult few days with less sleep than normal, Venice beach is not a good place to camp. But the other ninjas in the walk-on line kept things pretty organized with a set of rules that everyone followed and there was very little infighting in the line.

MW: Lets talk about you competing in season 7 of American Ninja Warrior. How do you feel you have done so far?
KB: This year I really wanted to push myself, and of course do better than last year. I think I have done well, getting the fastest time in the Venice qualifiers then coming in second in the Finals was a good start to the season. I did really want to hit that finals buzzer though and the disappointment of falling on the invisible ladder will be fuel going into the Mt Midoriyama competition in Las Vegas.


MW: What is your feeling about this years course?
KB: I am very excited for the courses this year, ANW has added a lot of new obstacles and I think that gives me an advantage being one of the newer and less experienced competitors.

MW: Do you feel anyone will ever win American Ninja Warrior?
KB: I think there is a handful of us who have the ability to clear all four stages in Mt. Midoriyama, but whether or not someone will be able to put everything together this year is anybody’s guess.

MW: What do you do in your spare time?
KB: I like to do random adventures, road trips, spelunking, cliff diving or whatever really, as long as it’s exciting.

MW: How can fans reach you?
KB: The best way to reach me is either Instagram, twitter, or my athlete page on facebook, all under @kevin_the_bull

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
KB: I just want to thank everyone who has cheered for me the last two years on the show, it has been a whirlwind experience for me to go from an unknown to one of the big names in a fast growing TV show with a huge fanbase around the world and I really appreciate all the support.



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