Interview With Jana Hare Who Is One Of The Finalist In The Next Fitness Star

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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

JH: Hello Everyone! My name is Jana Hare, Fitness Professional, and owner of Dumbbell Bombshell Fitness


MW: How long have you been into fitness?

JH: I’ve always been active throughout childhood, during High School and my collegiate career, I was on the Dance team, but I have been teaching group fitness for nearly 8 years now.


MW: Do you teach fitness?

JH: Yes! I teach all sorts of things.. I have acquired experience and/or specialties in Zumba, Hip Hop dance, Boxing and Kickboxing, weight-training, core-focused training, bootcamps, aqua fitness, spin, mixed martial arts cardio, and a focus on aerial (suspended) yoga.


MW: Give me the way to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?

JH: Nutrition! And 3 days of weight-training with alternating 2-3 days of cardio in between. Dedicate an hour to each workout, and do High Intensity Interval Training on the cardio days. smile emoticon Enjoy!


MW: How did you get involved with Next Fitness Star?

JH: So, I had heard about the contest through a fitness mentor, and she told me “I would be a perfect fit”, and so I hired a videographer to follow me around to showcase all my different fitness disciplines, and we created a short video and submitted to Women’s Health in January during the “submission” phase, and they saw my passion and drive.


MW: Give me the process from start to now?

JH: The submission phase was about 2 months long, and they narrowed it down to the final 5 in March. I received the most wonderful email as I was doing cardio, and I just happened to check my phone, and I started crying! We were flown to NYC for a photo shoot in April, and were filmed all throughout the process, between make-overs, and experiencing NY, it was a dream. And we were flown back in June to showcase our workout moves at a Fitness Event hosted by Women’s Health. And we are now currently in full swing of the ‘Voting phase’!


MW: What does Next Fitness Star lintel?

JH: The winner will receive a DVD contract with Women’s Health Magazine, and become a contributor to the magazine for health and wellness tips! A fitness professional’s dream.


MW: How many girls did you have to beat out to be one of the 5 finalist?

JH: There were thousands of applicants that poured in to Women’s Health as this is their 3rd year with the contest, and it grows every year!


MW: How can Blast Online readers help?

JH: Go to and Vote for Jana Hare every 24 hours until August 3rd.


MW: When do you know if you are the Next Fitness Star?

JH: The winner is announced LIVE on the Today show on a date that is TBD. Stay tuned wink emoticon


MW: What do you do in your spare time?

JH: I love being outside, walking or hiking, being on the lake, and trying new and different restaurants!


MW: How can Blastzone Online readers reach out to say Hi?

JH: Message me on my public profile page on Facebook, Jana Hare, or on Instagram @DumbbellBombshellFitness, or email me on my website at


MW: What would you like to say in closing?

JH: Thank you so much for the support and I am grateful for any and all votes to be YOUR Next Fitness Star!!


I will giveaway a Dumbbell Bombshell Fitness package to ONE lucky winner that “Follows” me on Instagram, and tags me in a screen shot photo that they voted! Don’t forget to tag #NextFitnessStar #TeamJana and @WomensHealthMag @DumbbellBombshellFitness

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