New Scott Free Completion Volume 1: Forever Free

Posted: 07/21/2015 in Uncategorized

This is a completion put together by Shane “Pooh Sniper” who collaborated on a lot of tracks with Scott Free. All the proceeds from the sell of the CD and with a decal in White, Pink or Orange for $12.00 + shipping. You can reach Pooh Sniper at to purchase yours today.


Track list:

1.Country Folks
2 Hillbilly Thang

3.Mama Mama
4.Poetic Enuff
5.I Don’t Know
6.More Woman Than That
7.Country Boy
8.They Gon Fly Away
9.Live 4 Hip Hop
10.Doing OK
12.Ain’t No Gangsta
13.Got To Fly
14.Everything I Lived
16.So Country
17 If I Knew
18.Simple Man
19.No More Secrets
20.The Only Thing(Willas Song)
21.(Bonus Track) 172

For those that might not know. During the recent flash flooding in Eastern Kentucky..Kevin “Scott Free” Johnson risked his life trying to save many people, including his grandmother who was ultimately swept away in the flooding. Scott disappeared after getting a young boy to safety. On Friday July 17th., Scott was found dead. He was a struggling rapper in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. Scott loved the community of Flat Gap. He sacrificed himself to help others during this time and is truly a HERO.



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