Interview With Johnathan Stokes Hart (1 of Michonne’s 2nd. Pets) On The Walking Dead Season 4

Posted: 07/14/2015 in Television, The Walking Dead, TV



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

(This interview was lost in Facebook Hell. It was done on 02/22/14)

MW: Please introduce yourself?
JSH: Hi! My name is Jonathan Hart and play one of the pet walkers in season four.

MW: How would fans of The Walking Dead TV show on AMC know you?
JSH: A few. Haven’t gotten the pleasure to meet many yet.


MW: How did you get cast as one of Michonne’s New Pets on The Walking Dead?
JSH: I happened to be on set for another episode and was asked if I would be interested.

MW: What did you think when you found out you would be one of Michonne’s New Pets?
JSH: I was ecstatic. I knew it would be a great opportunity.

MW: Did you have to go to walker school?
JSH: No, I didn’t.

MW: When Dani was on the Talking Dead she said the pets were part of the Militia. What happened that it only showed you as a walker?
JSH: Due to time constraints of the episode that was the only thing they could show.


MW: Tell me about working with Dani?
JSH: She was great. When she is in character it was amazing to see. She is a very talented actress.

MW: Have you done any conventions as a guest yet?
JSH:No, not yet.

MW: What new conventions will you be at?
JSH: I am in the process now of contacting conventions. We will just have to wait and see!


MW: How can fans reach out to you?
JSH: Probably by my email,

MW: What else are you doing other than The Walking Dead?
JSH: I’m in film school now so that is where most of my time goes. I hope to be on more sets this summer.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
JSH: I appreciate all the interest in my character. It means a lot! I hope for you to see more of me in the future!




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