Interview With Alvaro “Kung Fu Ninja” Campos From American Ninja Warrior On NBC & Esquire

Posted: 07/14/2015 in American Ninja Warrior, Reality TV, Television, TV



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
ACR: Hi my name is Alvaro Campos aka ninja_science aka #KungFuNinja.

MW: What made you want to compete in American Ninja Warrior?
ACR: I’ve seen it on TV many years ago and became an instant fan but never had the right facility to train for it. Once I found Apex NorCal I knew I could learn and make things work.

MW: Tell me what went through your mind the first time you stood on the stage and the time started?

ACR: It’s go time!


MW: What goes through your head when going through each obstacle?
ACR: Take one at a time and try to be in and out.

MW: Your first time competing for American Ninja Warrior was season 7 this year. Take me back to that day?
ACR: It was a long chilly Venice beach night and it was looking bad because there were no clears and it was almost 2am.

MW: Let’s talk about you competing in season 7 of American Ninja Warrior. How do you feel you have done so far?
ACR: So far I am content with my performance. 4th place is not a bad spot for a rookie.

MW: What are you’re feeling about this year’s course?
ACR: I think this year’s Venice course is very tricky compared to the previous years.

MW: Do you feel anyone will ever win American Ninja Warrior?
ACR: With the level of talent spreading, of course!

MW: What do you do in your spare time?
ACR: Spare time I cook and design obstacles. Watch Kung fu flicks haha.

MW: How can fans reach you?
ACR: Instagram – Ninja_Science Twitter – AlvaroTheNinja

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
ACR: Eat good food and stay focused.



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