Interview With Luke McLaughlin From Naked & Afraid Season 3/Naked & Afraid XL

Posted: 07/13/2015 in Naked & Afraid, Naked & Afraid XL, Reality TV, Television, TV



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself

LM: Hi, my name is Luke McLaughlin. I am a naturalist, ReWilder, survivalist, and founder of Holistic Survival School. I have appeared on Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL

MW: How did you get cast to be on Naked & Afraid?

LM: Well, some friends told me to watch the show and I saw a lot of jerks on the first few episodes I watched, and I thought, “I could do that without being so mean” So I went online and applied and sure enough they eventually, cast me.

MW: How was it when you first got naked on the show?

LM: It was awkward for sure. I felt bad for the crew! haha. It didn’t take long to get used to it. Over time, I think it was very therapeutic to be naked for that long. You just come to accept what you are and what you look like. It’s a beautiful thing.

MW: What made you want to do Naked & Afraid?

LM: I have found so much growth and beauty in Nature. More people on our planet need to experience the amazing things the natural world can offer. Also, I want to be a example for people to see that we humans are capable of doing amazing things. We are wild creatures and we can do wild things. If I can survive for 21 days with basically nothing, than you can go camping in a tent for a few days.


MW: What did you think of your partner Lindsey Leitelt?

LM: Linsey was amazing! From the beginning we did nothing but get along and work well together. Although she didn’t have a ton of survival experience, she had the most important trait: positivity. Mental strength is the most important trait in survival.


MW: How did you keep from catching something?

LM: Luckily, Namibia is very dry and there were not a ton of things we could catch. Also, when you are fasting your bodies immune system is usually quite strong.

MW: How was it being in Namibia?

LM: I loved Namibia! It reminded me a lot of Utah. It was a high desert with a lot of uncharted land. The people there were amazing and so friendly! I want to go back sometime soon.


MW: What was your favorite thing to eat?

LM: Turtles! They didn’t show it in the episode but on two occasions I sat on the bank of the river and watched for big turtles. I sat still for at least an hour and eventually I saw a turtle come to the surface for air. I dove down into the water and pulled up a 20 pound mud turtle. Lindsey and I then cooked it underneath the coals and man it was so good! The grease and fats stayed in the shell and it looked like melted butter. Turtle butter!

MW: How did you feel when you made it through to complete the challenge?

LM: It was probably the best feeling in my life. After going through such a struggle and feeling like the challenge would never end, it was such a relief to be done! It was a huge accomplishment for me.


MW: How did you get picked for Naked & Afraid XL?

LM: Lots of interviews and paperwork for sure! I suppose they just like my personality and believed that I had enough skill to not die! haha


MW: Are you happy with the partners for Naked & Afraid XL?

LM: I am happy with the large majority of the partners on XL. Almost all of them earned their place on the show.


MW: Is Naked & Afraid XL just a one night show?

LM: No. It will be an entire series this summer. I think it’s 8 episodes total.

MW: How can fans reach out to you?

LM: Fans can reach me multiple ways:







MW: What would you like to say in closing?

LM: I am trying to open my own School in Michigan and I am launching a fundraising campaign. If you donate you can recieve cool handmade things from me like bow drill sets and buffalo skulls. Check it out here:




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