Interview With Elet Hall From American Ninja Warrior On NBC & Esquire

Posted: 07/03/2015 in American Ninja Warrior, Reality TV, Sports, Television, TV



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson
MW: Please introduce yourself?
EH: What’s up? I’m Elet Hall, part time ninja and full time wild-guy.

MW: What made you want to compete in American Ninja Warrior?
EH: A couple parkour friends of mine, Levi M, Travis Graves, and Frosti used to compete in the first few seasons and they mentioned it to me. So I gave it a shot.

MW: Tell me what went through your mind the first time you stood on the stage and the time started?
EH: It’s on da Youtubez. I was honestly just laughing and dancing around. I love high intensity situations, especially when I know I’m safe. So I was just waiting to turn those adrenaline shakes into movement. I didn’t know what was coming so I was just ready to try it!

MW: What goes through your head when going through each obstacle?
EH: Not a whole lot, As a good friend once told me, If you think, you don’t move. I focus on my movement and let it flow through me. Ive been training parkour for 11 years and i trust my body to do what it needs to.

MW: Your first time competing for American Ninja Warrior was season 4 in 2012. Take me back to that day?
EH:I was 21, had just moved back east after a few seasons snowboarding in Park City, Utah and had no idea what I was getting into. I had never watched the show and had no familiarity with the obstacles. I went on a whim really. I flew down to Miami, hung for a few days training parkour then hit the course!

MW: Lets talk about you competing in season 7 of American Ninja Warrior. How do you feel you have done so far?
EH: I’m super stoked on my Pittsburgh City Qualifier. I was apprehensive at first, I thought the course wasn’t designed for me to go fast and the conditions were cold and wet. But I was able to get through it and that felt really good!

MW: What is your feeling about this years course?
EH: The courses have leveled up for sure! I can’t give anything away, but watch all the city finals, the pump will be real!

MW: Do you feel anyone will ever win American Ninja Warrior?
EH:I think so, I know so many strong athletes who have the capability. It’ll just depend on us being perfect in that moment, pulling together everything we’ve trained and executing at the right time.

MW: What do you do in your spare time?
EH: Everything. I love anything that gets me outside, especially parkour, snowboarding, and cliff diving. I study martial arts and I’ve gotten into throwing tomahawks a lot recently. I also love to read and write, travel on my motorcycle, shoot photos, and meet people. Otherwise I hike and climb and hang out in the woods.

MW: How can fans reach you?
EH: via and Instagram @E.T.BeWild or go to the raddest outdoor spots you can find, you might just bump into me!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
EH: Get outside and play every day even if it’s just a few minutes. Learn and experiment with your strength, humans are made to move and a consistent practice will do all sorts of things for you. You have to be in nature and you have to be moving. This isn’t just a recommendation, you downright have to do it if you want to be healthy and happy.



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