Interview With Traditional Country Artist Josh Goodlett

Posted: 05/23/2015 in Music

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself to the Blastzone Online readers.
JG: I am a traditional country music singer raised in Northern Kentucky/Southern Indiana farm country. Some of my influences are Kenny Chesney, Conway Twitty, Tupac, and Bad Company.

MW: How was it growing up in Kentucky?
JG: Growing up on a working farm was hard. However, it gave me the work ethic I carry with me today. Hard work pays off and I learned a lot about family and Faith and how it all plays a huge part in your life.

MW: Tell me about your first time playing on a stage?
JG: My first show was at Aunt B’s Ice cream store in Indiana. They paid me $50, pizza and ice cream to play three songs. It was definitely a great feeling to perform in public.

MW: What made you want to go into country music?
JG: Country music tells a story, usually a story everyone can relate to or knows someone who can. It is “real life,” and my grandma was always listening to the legends like Conway and George.

MW: Tell me about the first song you ever wrote?
JG: The first song I ever wrote was called “Autumn’s Love. ” It was actually a R&B song co-written with a few guys in the R&B group I was in.

MW: How did you pick “Why You Gotta Be That Way” as your first single and video?
JG: Picking this single was a true process. I was given the song and actually sat with it, listening over and over to it. I really felt that there wasn’t a song like this on the radio– one that has one friend calling another one out on how he’s treating his girl. It is definitely something I have said before to a friend.

MW: When will the full length project be released or are you just going to do singles?
JG: The album release should be later this summer.

MW: Do you have any shows on the books for the rest of 2015?
JG: Right now, I am still working on the radio tour and then I will be performing in Nashville during CMA Fest Week at Rippys, Tootie’s Backroom, and Manuel’s. I will also be signing autographs at the Tootie’s Booth at the convention center. More dates will be added after we wrap up the radio tour after CMA Fest.

MW: How can fans reach out to you to say hi?
JG: I would love to hear from the fans and encourage them to reach out to me on the website at where they can sign up for the “Good News-letter” as well as find links to all social media where I am very active.

MW: If you could do one cover song what would it be? And why?
JG: “Goodbye Time” by Conway Twitty because of my grandmother. She loved Conway as do I.

MW: If you were told you could tour with anyone who would it be? And why?
JG: Kenny Chesney because he was the main reason I picked up my guitar. He inspired me to drive and push for this dream I’m chasing.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
JG: Thank you for the interview and thank you to everyone who has and continues to support and follow me. I couldn’t do any of this without that support. I am blessed and I appreciate every minute of this journey. Also, I would like to mention that if fans message me, they will hear back directly from me, and not my team.

  1. Martha says:

    I will be checking out Josh’s music for sure!

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