Interview With Niz From NizMod Drip Juice

Posted: 05/21/2015 in E-Cigs, E-Juice, E-Liquids



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself to the Blastzone Online readers.
Niz: I’m Niz, from NizMod Drip Juice and Advanced Vaping Products. I do the mixing. I like to refer to myself as the “Juice Genius”. As you can tell I’m somewhat of a legend in my own mind.


MW: Take me on a ride on starting NizMod Drip Juice?
Niz: Well if NizMod was a ride, I guess it all started about two and half years ago. A good friend of mine, Eric had made the switch from stinkies to vapor and he was pushing me hard to give it a try. In that sort of obstinate fashion that I have been known for, I resisted. You see a few months before I had tried a “Cig-A-Like” and needless to say I was not very impressed. At this point I was convinced that these “vapes” were nothing but a fad. A passing novelty. I was clueless.
I continued sucking butts for a few more months until one day Eric, who runs a driving company, asked me for a favor. He asked drive him out to a client’s house who lived in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night. That was the night that I ran out of analogs, and “had” to vape. It was the last night I was a smoker. The device he handed me was no Cig-a-Like, and it was delicious to boot. That was it. I was no longer a smoker. It didn’t take me long to convince my girlfriend Amanda, now owner of Nizmod, that vaping was the way. We started like almost everyone else, with a pen style battery and clearo.
Over the course of two years we ran through several juice club subscriptions, and hit up just about every B&M we could find searching for that perfect blend to suit our palates. We’d almost always ended up mixing half of this juice with half of that juice or adding a little extra vg to those 50/50 blends. That’s when we decided to make our own. We mixed batch after batch just trying to get that perfect vape. After it was all said and done we had 7 flavors ready to roll and NizMod was born.


MW: What was the first flavor you ever created for NizMod Drip Juice?
Niz: Blueberry Apricot. It wasn’t very good. That’s the thing about making E-liquid, it’s an art and it’s one of trial and error. You have to mix it then let it steep and try it. If it’s not what you were going for it’s not back to the drawing board completely. Unless it’s terrible. Most of the time you pull a little of this and a little of that, you make your adjustments to the recipe and try again. You tweak and fiddle, shake some magic dust and maybe break out the Harry Potter wand and when it’s all said and done you end up with something spectacular, something unique. I think that’s what we have, something unique.


MW: What NizMod Drip Juice are now for sale?
Niz: Right now we have 6 flavors released with a 7th on the way. Edward Teach which is a fluffy marshmallow blend of fruity cereal. William Kidd, a sweet light pineapple with a few of Kidd’s secrets to tell. Bartholomew Roberts, a deliciously rich root beer barrel candy. Ching Shih, a commanding concoction of Kiwi and Marshmallow. Jack Rackham, a bold apple and sweet cinnamon with a touch of cereal. Henry Every, a delicious blend of blueberry and apricot. The 7th and soon to be released flavor is named Queen Anne’s Revenge and it’s not for the faint of heart. All of our released flavors so far are very light, very fruity vapes. Queen Anne’s Revenge is not that at all. It’s an angry man’s vape. But you’ll have to wait for the release to find out more.


MW: Are you planning any more NizMod Drip Juice?
Niz: For sure. We’ve even been toying with the idea of a few seasonal releases, just to keep things fresh and I’m always toying with new flavors. Right now, I’m trying to perfect a Captain Piccard vape, “Earl Grey Hot” (only the trekkers will catch that reference!) I’m pretty close, but only time will tell if it’s going to be something we’re going to release.


MW: What made you want to start NizMod Drip Juice?

Niz: There are so many variables that had to come together for it to actually happen. But if I had to point to the first domino in the long line that had to fall to get us here, I’d have to say the vaping community itself. We’ve met so many great people and made an incredible amount of wonderful friends along the way, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that.


MW: Do you use glass or plastic?
Niz: Glass. I would never put juice in a plastic container. Ever. That is something I will not compromise on. The bottles from NizMod are glass and will always be glass and because we care about our product it will never be in a clear glass bottle. Ever. It will always be in a blue, amber, or green bottle because sunlight destroys E-liquid. It’s just like beer in that way. I don’t drink beer from clear bottles and I won’t put my drip juice in one either. That’s a promise.


MW: Do you do 10ml, 15ml, 30ml or higher?
Right now, we only do 2 ounce bottles. That’s a 60ml bottle if you’re using the metric system. That’s the smallest bottle we sell. Actually it’s the only bottle we sell right now. We’re not against offering a larger bottle, but 2 ounce is as small as we’re going to go. We drip. A lot. We know what it’s like to drop $20 or $30 on a 30ml of your favorite juice, and by the time you get home half of it is gone. That’s why we did 2 ounce bottles. We don’t like to run out, and we bet you don’t either. We also always use child resistant caps. Always.


MW: What is your price point per bottle?
Niz: $30 for a 2 ounce bottle. Like I said before we drip. We know the struggle. We’re not looking to get rich off of a single bottle of juice. We want to give back to the community that we love so much. $30 for a 2 ounce bottle is a great deal. It’s a no brainer.


MW: What MG do you do?
Niz: Right now we only do 3mg. If we get enough interest in 0mg or 6mg we’ll probably start rolling them out at that level. But for now we only do 3mg. Our juice line is geared toward advanced vapers using RBAs and RTAs. Devices that people generally aren’t vaping 18mg out of.


MW: What ratios can you do?
Niz: All of our juices have different PG/VG ratios. Like I said, our line is geared more toward advanced vapers using rebuildables or sub-ohm tanks. We keep the VG as high as we can for those big puffy plumes. They’re all above 83% VG, with the highest being Jack Rackham and Edward Teach which are both 91% VG. That’s why I say RBAs, RTAs, and sub-tanks because the juices have higher VG content they don’t wick well in entry level devices.


MW: Do you ever ask fans for advice on flavors?
Niz: Yeah absolutely, we actually have a customer at one of the local B&Ms that wrote me a letter with some suggestions and one of the flavors that I’m working on is from his suggestions. He doesn’t know yet that I’m working on it, but when it’s done he’s gonna be getting a quart on the house.


MW: What is your opinion on the FDA interfering in E-juice sales?
Niz: You mean the same FDA that approves all those drugs that fill up the late night commercial spots with lawsuits? Honestly, it’s a mixed bag. Anytime you have politicians that want to regulate it’s usually just a foot in the door for a larger scam to grab handfuls of someone else’s cash. The vaping industry is a very close knit community I’d be inclined to think that if you we’re doing something unscrupulous you’d be ostracized long before the bureaucratic tentacles of Uncle Sam found their way to you.
They keep telling everyone that it’s about safety, but when you look at what the FDA and even the state governments are doing it tells a very different story. Look at Indiana’s crazy legislation H.B.1432, holy mackerel they want you to have 24 hour video surveillance on your mixing, holding and storage areas and copys of that data stored for 3 years. That’s a lot of hard drives. They want 3 10ml samples from every 2 liters of liquid, stored for 3 years. That’s a warehouse worth of juice just to satiate the bureaucratic machinations. This is e-liquid we’re talking about here not plutonium. For god’s sake it’s Kiwi-Marshmallow not weaponized Ebola.
So when you ask me how I feel about the FDA wanting a seat at the table, I guess the only response I can honestly give you is that I have yet to see a genuine reason why they deserve one. These are the same people who tried to tell you that pills with side effects that include suicidal thoughts and actions are a more viable cessation device than flavored steam.


MW: Give me one true fact about using a E-cig as opposed to smoking a cigarette?
Niz: I can give you two. #1 You’ll smell like blueberries or some other deliciousness instead of an ashtray. #2 At some point you will become a vooper.


MW: What is the craziest rumor you herd about using a E-cig?
Niz:. The craziest of all time is; E-cigarettes are dangerous because no one really knows what’s in them. What a crock, we know exactly what’s in them. Guess what it’s not? It’s not 7,000 known carcinogens like that traditional cigarette you’re sucking on numbskull. I know exactly what goes into our juice. It’s exactly the same as everyone else’s juice; VG, PG, Nicotine, and flavoring. 4 ingredients.


MW: Do you ship worldwide?
Niz: We do not currently ship worldwide. But we’d definitely be open to the prospect should the right opportunities arise.


MW: What would you like to say in closing?
Niz: Every year 443,000 people die prematurely from smoking related illness. That’s why I’m a big proponent of vaping it forward. If you have a device that you don’t use, and know or meet someone who is on the fence about vaping help them to make one of the most important decisions of their lives, vape it forward. Don’t let that mod collect dust when it can be out there changing lives. Vape it forward with the single stipulation that the recipient also do the same. It’s the butterfly effect.


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