Attack Of Life: The Bang Tango Movie – Interview With Trent Anderson – 2009-2013

Posted: 05/16/2015 in Attack Of Life: The Bang Tango Movie, Movies, Music

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Tell me about your first time playing on a stage?

TA: My first time on stage was when I was 16 in Ohio, my band won a battle of the bands. My first time on stage with Bang Tango was in 2009, We played a show in Indiana. I was also playing in D’Molls that night. D’Molls were the opening band. It was a great night and an extremely fun show.

MW: Tell me about your life before Bang Tango?

TA: I have been touring for 22 years, before Bang Tango I was touring with the band “The Dogs Divine” and the band “D’Molls” with Desi Rexx. I met Bang Tango while The Dogs Divine were opening for Bang Tango, L.A. Guns, and Faster Pussycat. Before that I had toured with many bands, my first real recording deal came with a band called Black Bone, out of Memphis, TN. The singer of that band was Josey Scott from the band Saliva. We had a deal with a label called SURF Records. I also toured with a band called Solace For Now featuring Paul Crosby of Saliva on guitar and Johny Sprague from the band Earshot.

MW: How did it come down you being the drummer for Bang Tango?

TA: When Timmy left the band to play in Burn Halo, I called Lance and asked what the game plan for Tango was. He really was not sure, So I asked him if I could fly out to Phoenix, Where he and Joe live and play some of the songs together to see how they felt about it. We got along really well and it kind of started there, that was in July of 2009.

MW: What was your favorite song to play with Bang Tango?

TA: I always loved playing “Heart of Stone”, “Untied and True” and of course “Someone Like You”. But I also loved playing the new stuff we wrote on the album “Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt”. Songs like “Live Life” and “Bring on the World”.

MW: What is one of the craziest stories about being on tour with Bang Tango?

TA: Lol, there are a lot, too many to talk about. I played 218 shows with the band and recorded an album, All the of tours had wild times. Lance is the kind of guy that likes to play practical jokes, and most of the time they are pretty funny. All I can say is, you should ask Scott Laflamme about a candy bar that some how got spread around a bed he was sleeping in at a hotel in Michigan.

MW: What made you walk away from Bang Tango?

TA: Honestly, It was a business thing, I really do not want to talk about it. Looking back, I really miss playing music with the band, But it was time for me to move on to my next steps in my music career. Playing in bands that have a 20+ year history can be tough. There are so many variable’s involved like, Original members that quit and feel the band should have died with what they did with the band. Also touring is hard and money is sometimes low, so what bands have to do to make a living can be very hard and having internal problems just make it harder. I love Bang Tango and all of its music, But for me it was just time.

MW: Do you ever wish you would have stayed?

TA: Sometimes I do, I feel the business thing could probably have worked out by itself, But I would have left at sometime. But to answer the question, Sometimes I do.

MW: Tell me about getting asked to be a part of the new Bang Tango documentary movie “Attack Of Life”?

TA: Drew was a blessing and I thank him for allowing me to be part of the movie and part of the history of a great band like Bang Tango.

MW: What do you think of the finished movie?

TA: I love it, Drew did a great job.

MW: What would you like to see out of the movie coming out?

TA: Respect for how long Joe Leste has kept it alive and going.

MW: Do you ever see yourself playing with Bang Tango again?

TA: Probably not, But if they needed help in the future I would fill in if Joe was in a pinch.

MW: Tell me about what you are doing now?

TA: I am touring with a dance band called Sushi Roll, we play a lot of casino’s and have dates coming up in May at Harrah’s in Las Vegas. The band is my main focus right now. It is really fun.
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
TA Thank you to everyone who helped make the movie, and thank you to Joe Leste for playing music with me for nearly 4 years. I had a blast.


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