Pure Steel Records Artist Of The Week – Interview With Bleeding

Posted: 05/15/2015 in Music, Pure Steel Records Artist Of The Week

Bandpic mit Logo 600

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Tell me about your first time on a stage?

B: The first time with Bleeding on stage was in a club called Oxbow’s Corner. A small, though entertaining show. But we all were in bands before Bleeding and already had stage experience.

MW: How did Bleeding come about?

B: Jörg, Marc N. and Haye met to attend a Psychotic Waltz show in Hamburg, which was a blast. On that evening in March 2011 we decided to put all our ideas and energy together in a new band. It started as one of those “musicians projects”, but it grew pretty fast to something more serious.

MW: Describe Bleeding to me?

B: We have no musical concept about what to do or not to do. Every idea is worth looking at. In general one could say, that our songs are pretty much prog metal in terms of arrangement, panning between atmospherical parts and thrash influenced riffs. The lyrics can originate from any info, science article, literature, mixed with autobiographical stuff.

MW: Where is Bleeding from?

B: We’re from Stade, a small town next to Hamburg, Germany.

MW: What is Bleeding plans for 2015?

B: We try to do some live shows and spread the word about our album.

MW: Will Bleeding be on tour? And where?

B: see above… dates should be available soon, most likely in Germany.

MW: If you could play with any artist or band who would it?

B: I think that everybody in the band would love to play with the real big bands, like Metallica of course. And obviously bands like Psychotic Waltz or Depressive Age (if they should reunite one day, cheers to the guys! J ). But in general we play with any band, that wants to play with us!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
B: Think out of the box and don’t care about genre rules!

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