Interview With Carrie Booze From Naked & Afraid Season 3

Posted: 05/12/2015 in Naked & Afraid, Reality TV, Television, TV



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

CB: My name is Carrie Booze and I am a cast member on Naked & Afraid: Heart of Darkness MW: How did you get cast to be on Naked & Afraid? CB: I watched the first season of the show and like many others I thought that I could do that. So I applied online and received a call days later. The rest was a quick process and it wasn’t long before I was on a boat in Cambodia.

MW: How was it when you first got naked on the show?

CB: I never thought about the naked component until I was on the boat and docked at the island I would be living on. The production team was like, “Okay, take your clothes off.” I was immediately like, “…shit.” It was awkward at first, but I was over it within a couple hours.


MW: What made you want to do Naked & Afraid?

CB: I figured that I’d only be young once so why not see how far I could push my body. Also, I grew up really into the outdoors and kind of lost touch with it once I moved to the city and started my corporate career. It was a very impulsive decision, since the casting process didn’t take very long.

MW: What did you think of your partner?

CB: Tom Touw and I were very different people. I assume that is why they casted us the way they did. We butted heads a lot and communicated very differently, but I assume that is what makes great T.V. Despite what editing showed, we did not dislike each other as much as the show portrayed. I don’t think that we would ever be friends in the real world, but I learned a lot about myself from being his partner.


MW: How did you keep from catching something?

CB: Something? Like diseases? Well, we were in Cambodia during the dry season so bugs and mosquitos were not too much of a problem. We were able to boil our water pretty easily, so that was covered as well.


MW: How was it being in Cambodia?

CB: Cambodia is a beautiful country that beforehand I wasn’t very familiar with. It was an amazing experience and I am happy that I took on the challenge.

MW: What was your favorite thing to eat?

CB: Definitely the clams that we caught. They were everywhere and the first time I went to clam beach I brought back about 40 of them. We also ate a lot of fish while we were out there as well. Those were not as enjoyable because we ate the raw, but beggars can’t be choosers.


MW: How did you feel when you made it through to complete the challenge?

CB: I was relieved to finally be out of there. My biggest enemy was definitely boredom, and I was excited to finally get back into the real world. I was proud of myself for making it through. Food wasn’t on the forefront of my mind though. I was more excited to speak to my friends and family.


MW: Would you ever do it again?

CB: I would absolutely do it again, but preferably with someone that I have more in common with.


MW: If you did it again who would you want as a partner? And why?

CB: In a perfect world I would be with my boyfriend or a girlfriend from back home. If we are talking about personality traits, I would like someone who is younger, free spirited, adventurous, has a great sense of humor and who wants to make a connection with their partner in conjunction with completing the challenge.


MW: How can fans reach out to you?

CB: Follow me on Instagram or Twitter @ccbooze


MW: What would you like to say in closing?

CB: I was pegged as the villain of the show, but I would like to remind everyone that this is T.V. and is meant to entertain the masses. Not everything you see is reality. With this being said, I wouldn’t do anything differently and I am super thankful to Discovery Channel for providing me with the opportunity to tackle this challenge.


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