Attack Of Life: The Bang Tango Movie – Lance Eric – 2005-Present

Posted: 05/09/2015 in Attack Of Life: The Bang Tango Movie, Movies, Music

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Tell me about your first time playing on a stage?

LE: Arizona State fair. I wore white wrist bands and a matching headband. I looked like a cross between john McEnroe and Weird Al.
MW: Tell me about your life before Bang Tango?

LE: I was a truck driver. I drove oil tankers
MW: How did it come down you being in Bang Tango?

LE: I met Joe in a bar by my house and we hit it off personally. Became great friends right off the bat and he asked me to tour with him.
MW: What is your favorite song to play in Bang Tango?

LE: “Soul to Soul”


MW: What is one of the craziest stories about being on tour with Bang Tango?

LE: I am a huge practical joker. My jokes are very well thought out and planned. I once had my guitar player served copy write infringement papers on stage once. Had him going for a whole week thinking he was being sued.


MW: What made you stay in  Bang Tango for over 10 years?

LE: Joe is my best friend. He and I have a blast on the road. I love traveling and meeting new people and seeing old friends I would never have just being a truck driver. I’m very blessed.


MW: Tell me about getting asked to be a part of the new Bang Tango documentary movie “Attack Of Life”?

LE: well I’ve been in the band for the last 10 years. I should be in it.I’ive been in the band longer than the other originals members were. Joe and I are keeping it alive. It’s Joe’s band. No one knows who I am. I’m just a player.


MW: What do you think of the finished movie?

LE: I think it came out well. Very well balanced. Old members and current members tell their story. Drew did a great job in my opinion.


MW: What would you like to see out of the movie coming out?

LE: We could probably tour off this and even have a show with the original guys playing.


MW: How would you fell if the original Bang Tango got back together?

LE: I’ve seen when they tried years ago. They don’t have the magic they once did. I respect Joe for sticking with the guys who have been with him through thick and thin not going back because these guys have nothing going on and they want to play rock star. How would you feel if your boss comes to you after you have busted your ass at your job for 10 years and he tells you that you are fired because some old employee wants to come back and do your job? The old guys are not the nicest guys to Joe and I don’t blame Joe for saying no. Joe has more integrity than that. I’m actually tired of hearing about it. They quit years ago and now they have nothing to do. Tigg is the only cool/non bitter one in the bunch. I’ll invite Tigg any day of the week to come up with us. Not taking away from the old guys talents. Kyle Kyle is an amazing bass player for sure. Huge shoes to fill n this band. I’m doing the best I can. I haven’t received any complaints…. Yet… hahhah


MW: Do you have anything else going other then Bang Tango?

LE: I have an original project going called Color of Chaos out of Phoenix, AZ.


MW: What would you like to say in closing?

LE Yes. I’d like to say that in the movie all my interviews were done after working in the studio in Chicago in the summer. I was sweaty and tired I don’t look very good and I’ve lost a lot of weight since…hahhah…I’m just saying every one else interviewed had showers, Nice cloths perfect lighting, Fans blowing their hair perfectly, Their little dog sitting in their laps, At a nice bar…Me? No. Sweaty and bloated from Jager and Stella…hahhah.


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