Welcome To Myrtle Manor On TLC – Interview With Bandit

Posted: 05/06/2015 in Reality TV, Television, TV, Welcome To Myrtle Manor On TLC


Interview By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Introduce Yourself please?
B: Hey how you doing my name is Bandit
MW: How did you get cast on Welcome To Myrtle Manor?
B: Being a jingle writer and song writer never ever seen in a mobile home park recording studio.
MW: How many seasons have you been on Welcome To Myrtle Manor now?
B: Been on 3 seasons.
MW: How is it living around the people in Myrtle Manor?
B: Living day by day with hell all around.
MW: Give me a crazy story in your everyday life at Myrtle Manor?
B: Not seeing eye to eye on everything most fighting and drinking getting to lose.
MW: Is Myrtle Manor open to the public? Can fans just come in?
B: Yes myrtle manor is open to the fans and come visit our crazy lives.
MW: Do you live there year around?
B: I live here all year round for 5 years now.
MW: Where can fans reach you?
MW: Do you have merch for fans to buy?
B: Cards and stuff that was on the show like pics of the bandit his car also for sale.
MW: How can someone book you for a event?
B: Book me at  rogerakelly59@yahoo.com or book me at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Myrtle-Manors-Bandit/615077548521120?ref=hl
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
B: would love to say keep watching the show and contact T.L.C for a 4th season we do not get paid good at all.

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