Attack Of Life: The Bang Tango Movie – Interview With Rowan Robertson – 2014-Present (Also Of DIO Fame)

Posted: 05/02/2015 in Attack Of Life: The Bang Tango Movie, Movies, Music


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Tell me about your first time playing on a stage?
RR: My first stage experience was playing Johnny B Goode and Smoke On The Water for village entertainments evening with my drummer friend when I was ten!  The little old ladys holding their ears in the front row! 
MW: Tell me about playing with DIO?
RR: It was great. Can you imagine a better fairy story for a young guitarist? Ronnie loved rock and roll and his fans. It was an amazing magical time and I am so thankful I can look back to the things he taught me and know it came from the man himself. 
MW: Give me a story about your time with DIO?
RR: One night during the recording of the album at Granny’s House in Reno, Nevada, Jens Johanssen, the keyboard player and I took a giant speaker up into the attic and layed it face down on the ceiling of the bassist’s room. There were a lot of practical jokes going on at the time and I think Teddy caught more than his fair share of them. So at about 4 in the morning Jens got his keyboard and generated this loud low frequency hum, starting quietly into the speaker above Teddy’s room and of course he jumps out of his bed and takes a flashlight all round the house and we’re hiding. We did this a few more times and in the morning Teddy was questioning the whole studio, all of whom knew about it but acted baffled. To this day I don’t think he could ever find out what that it was in the middle of the night. 
MW: If you could say one thing to Ronnie James Dio today what would it be?
RR: I’m still at it and loving it mate, you’re sorely missed by all of us. 
MW: What is going on with DC4?
RR: We played in Vamped in Vegas about a month ago which was great. Jeff has almost an album worth of material so when circumstances permit, I’m sure there will be another record. I’m really close with all those guys. 
MW: How did it come down you being the guitarist for Bang Tango?
RR: Joe grabbed me aside one night and said he wanted me to be in Bang Tango. He called me a month or so later and I knew he meant business. I wasn’t sure at first, if I’d fit in but I did just fine. 
MW: What is your favorite song to play with Bang Tango?
RR: Can’t say I ever have a favorite song of any kind because they’re all unique but My Favorite 9 rocks!!!
MW: What is one of the craziest stories about being on tour with Bang Tango?
RR: Well we’ve only done 10 or so shows and are being comparatively well behaved but I think there are two pairs of Joes shoes left on the cruise ship we just played on leaving him only with flip flops now , so that should be a signal of some pretty decent nights of fun. 
MW: What do you hope for Bang Tango in the future?
RR: I hope Bang Tango goes on and on with more great music and gets more popular. 
MW: Tell me about getting asked to be a part of the new Bang Tango documentary movie “Attack Of Life”?
RR: Joe said Drew was making a movie about the band and that I would be interviewed. I was excited to be involved but it was also quite sudden as I really wasn’t too familiar with Bang Tango other than that early hit or two.  I didn’t know what I would have to add but went along happily with it as I really rate Joe as a big talent and it made sense to me to do it as I was going to be a part of the group.
MW: What do you think of the finished movie?
RR: Drew did a brilliant job, it is well put together. 
MW: How has it been playing in Bang Tango?
RR: Great fun! 
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
RR: We’re a big rock and roll family and when I meet people coming to see us at the gigs is such a big pleasure and privilege to be part of. 

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