Interview With Metal Icon Biff Byford Of Saxon

Posted: 04/30/2014 in Music

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
BB: Hi I’m Biff Byford of Saxon.

MW: Tell me about the first time your performed on a stage?
BB: I think the first time it was a youth club. I was playing guitar, the song was Paint It Black by Rolling Stones.

MW: How did Saxon (Then Son Of A Bitch) come together?
BB: We came from two bands Coast and SOB

MW: Why the name change from Son Of A Bitch to Saxon?
BB: Record company wanted a stronger name.

MW: The first Saxon – Saxon would come out in 1979 tell me about that first recording?
BB: It was done at Livingston Studios in London. John Verity producing, Rod Argent played on it.

MW: You and Saxon would go on your first big tour that same year with Motörhead what do you remember most about it?
BB: First tour bus, first tour, first groupies!

MW: What did you think of playing the first Monsters Of Rock fest in 1980?
BB :It was a huge festival for the time! Just one day. Great weather, great bands, great crowds.

MW: What has been your favorite festival to do in your almost 40 year career?
BB: I think Wacken is maybe the best.

MW: Who has been your favorite band to have played with Saxon in your almost 40 year career?
BB: The first tour of USA was with Rush. That was special.

MW: Did you think almost 40 years ago Saxon would have left such an impression on so many bands and fans?
BB: No. We just take it a day at a time!

MW: How did Heavy Metal Thunder: The Movie come about?
BB: Some guys who worked at the BBC approached us to do a doc, that’s about it.

MW: What has been your favorite Saxon release to write and record? And why?
BB: “Sacrifice” was great to write and record.

MW: Tell me about the new Saxon – St. George’s Day Sacrifice?
BB: We recorded a lot of shows on the sacrifice tour, but this one was special!

MW: How is the 21 Saxon release coming along? Can you tell us anything about it?
BB: It’s the 21st, and it’s going quite good. Early days yet.

MW: What are the plans for Saxon in 2014?
BB: To go out in Europe!

MW: Is there a tour planned yet? Will you tour the US?
BB: We will be touring in the autumn in Europe.

MW: Speaking of the US do you think Saxon got a fair shake here?
BB: We originally didn’t get as much publicity as other bands, but we have a loyal following which is still growing!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
BB: Keep The Faith!


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