Interview With Jamol Eli AKA GreenHorn #1 From Ghost Mine That Was On SyFy

Posted: 02/25/2014 in Ghost Mine, Reality TV, Television

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
JE: Well Golly Bob Howdy! My Name is Jamol Eli (AKA) GreenHorn #1.

MW: How did you get cast for Ghost Mine on SyFy?
JE: Well in 2012 it just kind of fell in my lap. I met a friend of a friend and they needed a jack of all traits, They asked if I wanted to try out. I said heck yes, I was nervous to leave my family but it was worth it. I actually had been putting together a treasure show since 2001 when I worked at the Navy Base in Lemoore, CA as a MWR Shop Supervisor and trip coordinator. You get to use all kinds cool GPS and satellite thing a majigs in the Navy!

MW: Had you already worked in a mine before?
JE: Ha I couldn’t mine my way out of a snowman’s butt with a blow torch so No! By jack of all traits I mean…cook, mechanic, carpenter.

MW: What was your favorite mine to work at? And why?
JE: well there only be one for me…and that be the Ghostmine arrrhhgg! For the simple fact I met a heck of a lot of cool down to earth people. That goes for the Miners the production crew and the Townsfolk.

MW: What is the craziest thing you ever saw during the production of Ghost Mine?
JE: Duck Naked.

MW: Were you a non believer of the paranormal before you went into the show?
JE: No sir I have had things happen to me that are unexplainable and I have always been in touch with the grey line of life. I see life as a yin yang and I am the line in the middle.

MW: Do you believe in the paranormal now?
JE: Oh sure, but I also am a man of faith. Most people would say that’s a contradiction but what is a spirit but a soul who is afraid of judgment or hhhmm on the lamb. Ha Ha a soul on the lamb.

MW: What would you say to the people who watched Ghost Mine that says the show is fake?
JE: Well I would have to say its easy to sit in the comfort of your own home or office and make yourself try and understand the unexplainable, but most people who do that are afraid of something. Now sure some things can seem enhanced when you have loud music playing during a clip… it adds maybe more excitement then even you remember, but I think in all the production team made one heck of a series!

MW: What happened that there is not going to be a third season?
JE: Ha Ha Ha Ha well you are the first to ask so I suppose I can open up the can a bit… I truly believe that there were some things a (certain person) did off camera that upset a lot of people and cost the companies way to much money. Not to mention the false insurance claims and bad mouthing of the cast. You know this person would lie to people and try and manipulate others as best they could. I mean no one was safe. Towns people, Production People, Miners.. Ha Ha you name it. This person created so much drama off camera and cost everyone so much time and money that I wouldn’t be surprised if they are just waiting for that person to blow far away in the wind before even attempting a new season.

MW: Are you upset there will be no third season of Ghost Mine?
JE: Well sure, I had a blast and lived a lot of men’s dream. I got paid to blow stuff up, get dirty and go for the Gold and not to mention I met a ton of really cool people.

MW: How can fans reach out to you?
JE: Come on down to Oregon and I will share a pint with you… Or you can find me on Facebook and twitter.

Facebook: Twitter: @Jamoleli

MW: What do you do in your spare time?
JE: I like to fish, camp, cook, write, play guitar and build stuff. But mostly hang with my kiddos.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
JE: I would like to thank the people that did such an amazing job putting up with us. The people of Sumpter Oregon, Baker Oregon as well as the production staff at 51 minds. Also the SyFy (Imagine Greater) co. they made it the best couple of months a guy could have wanted (and paid my Rent). Last I would like to thank The miners themselves.

Papa Smurf Who kept me grounded and out of trouble as best he could, even when I was being a bit of a rebel. Love ya Stan.

Eddie for teaching me some great skills and accepting me for who I am Not what I know. Wait that sounds weird. LOL

Dingus for showing me a man the size of a Mack truck can be compassionate and have dreams just like the rest of us. Big guys are cool!

Bucket : LOL He didn’t teach me anything because I couldn’t understand a word he said. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Just kidding I understood everything he said. Bucket is an original and everyone knows it. He taught me a lot and made it a fun time when time seemed to stand still.

Dick and Duck, (Aka greybeard) You both gave me a look in what it meant to care about the ground you were looking at, how it flowed and felt. and where it was going. I had a blast kickin’ it old school. Love you guys.

To the wives I adore you all and thanks for keeping the boys in line because you are the only ones who could on this planet!

This thank you goes to all the Miners for keeping me safe in the deep dark ground were death may be around the corner if you are there with someone you don’t trust and I honestly trust you all…

Patrick and Kristen, You did such a great job explaining things and helping everyone open there eyes to the possibilities of the unknown. Very classy indeed.

And Jaybird…. My brother from another. I had a blast and I know you did to. Here’s to a rockin 2014 buddy. It was Rad!

Last I would like to thank my wife and kids for letting me yet again do something crazy! It was hard but with your love I can do anything!

To the fans I thank you as well for all the support.

See you on the flip side !

Jamol Eli / Ghost Mine

  1. Tea Johnson says:

    Hi ya Jamol, Great interview, BTW, us dedicated Fan’s out here, know who that someone is that was causing the problem’s. I am just grateful that know of you guys and Patrick, Kristen and the Production Team got hurt since it was a lot of Safety issues involved. No worries how we found out, but just picking up the Phone and making a couple of Phone calls in that area their you all were working in lead straight to 1000 other contacts and boy those folks don’t mined spilling the Beans, lol. Love you all and Stay safe, we all know you all will be back after May 🙂 Blessings ~Tea~

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