Interview With Uzi Baruch Of tru-TV Show Container Wars

Posted: 02/24/2014 in Container Wars, Reality TV, Television


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
UB: I’m Uzi Baruch, the crazy part of container wars cast members.

MW: What did you think when Season 1 of Container Wars was such a big hit? UB: I was happy/surprised, although I had a feeling its gone be good show to watch because of the cast member are all unique and fun to watch.

MW: What was your favorite episode of Container Wars Season 1 or 2?
UB: Without a doubt the episode when we won the handbags. On TV you can only see short part of how we got it because of editing but the story was we only had left $10000 to spend and we knew Deanna saw what’s inside and she will pay a lot more but we manage to trick her soooo well and we bought it for $9500. Everyone still talking about that move!!

MW: How has Season 2 of Container Wars been so far?
UB: Crazy, funny, amazing, you must wait and see.

MW: Do you get along with all the other bidders?
UB: I know it seems like we all hate each others but its only during business hours, after work we are all good friends and always help each other. We all are lovers not fighters!

MW: What do you say to the people watching and reading this that says Container Wars is fake?
UB: On TV you see 23 minutes out of 14 hours working day so sometimes bad editing can make it  look unreal but if you still have doubt you can come by my warehouse and shop for a lot of the items you me buy on the show.

MW: Do you get a lot of fan mail?
UB: Not a lot, here and there im getting emails or people that recognize me at the street say hi and been all cool. By the way it’s  time to say thanks for all the support I really appreciate that and love you all.

MW: If you could add bidders from any other show similar to Container Wars who would it be?
UB: BERRY from Storage Wars, it would be hilarious working with him at the yard.

MW: What else are you doing other then Container Wars?
UB: Me and Shlomi own clothing companies,, 2 clothing stores, and 3 warehouses so we are pretty busy I would say.

MW: do you do appearances?
UB: Not really but if someone will ask me to and it’s for good reason I will defiantly do it.

MW: How can a event book you?
UB: Just message me on Facebook and I’ll do my best to come by.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
UB: I’m just another simple guy that found himself on TV and I always stay the same down to earth guy, I love my cast members like family but its time to say huge thanks for all of our fans that support us and watching the show I really love you all and hope you will enjoy every episode. thank you again!


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