Interview With Jack O’Halloran Who Played Non In Superman I & II

Posted: 02/23/2014 in Actors, Movies


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
JO: Jack O’Halloran.
MW: Tell me about being a boxer?
JO: Great experience for a Athlete. Because when the bell rings your on your own. There are no time outs or pauses because of injury. You either fight through the injury or loss the fight.

MW: What was your record?
JO: There is one record 34 24 2 then there is unofficial record of 78 24 2 because I fought a lot of smoker fights.

MW: What do you think would have happened if you had got to fight Muhammad Ali?
JO: It would have been one hell of a fight. Because for the first time I would have locked my self up in training camp.
MW: Tell me about loosing to Ken Norton?
JO: Actually I beat Norton pretty good but I fought him in his home town. I could have won the fight in the 9th round. Because the crowd was standing screaming no one could hear the bell three times. When the referee finally separated us, Norton ran across the ring and hit me behind the head. The commissioner jump in my corner and said if I couldn’t continue I win the fight. I was so mad stupidly went out for the tenth round.

MW: Tell me about loosing to George Foreman?
JO: I was actually ahead on points when I was caught with a great punch. It was a good fight.

MW: How did you get into acting?
JO: They came to me several times during my Boxing career. Once Steve McQueen tried to get me to do the Thomas Crown film. They came to me to do The Great White Hope film and I said no. Then they ask me to do Farewell my Lovely with Robert Mitchum. Then the game was on all Mitchum’s falt.

MW: What was your first acting job?
JO: Farewell My Lovely.
MW: How did you get cast as Non in Superman?
JO: I was doing March or Die with Gene Hackman. They ask me to meet Richard Donner in London and I did.

MW: How was it working with the following cast?
Christopher Reeve It worked out.

Marlon Brando Was brilliant and we became good friends.

Gene Hackman Was a good friend we just finished a film March or Die.

Ned Beatty Was a great person and fun to work with.

Margot Kidder was fun to work with and has become a good friend.

Terence Stamp Is a great actor and was fun to work with.

Sarah Douglas Is such a wonderful Lady and a dear friend. Great to work with.
MW: Then in Superman II you came back as Non again. How was it to do it all again?
JO: I just thoroughly enjoyed the character. So it was very easy.

MW: Do you remember when you had herd Christopher Reeve died?
JO: I felt very bad for him. As he did a lot for people after he was hurt.

MW: Tell me a story about Christopher Reeve on the set?
JO: There are several as Chris was a 26 yr old with a 16 yr old mentality at times. But in the end it all worked out.

MW: If asked to be in the new Man Of Steel movie would you?
JO: Depends on the script.

MW: What character would you want to play?
JO: Again I would have to see the script.

MW: What do you have going on in 2014?
JO: Actually very busy with several films including the film of my book Family legacy.

MW: Will you be doing any conventions in 2014?
JO: I am doing Chiller in NJ in April and maybe a few others.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
JO: It is going to be a very busy year. But I love it, I am producing and acting in several films and I am very excited.


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