Here Is A List Of All The Walking Dead Interviews To Date On Blastzone Online

Posted: 02/22/2014 in Television, The Walking Dead

Here is a list of all The Walking Dead interviews to date on Blastzone Online. To read them go to this link:

Addy Miller (Little Girl Walker With The Bunny Slippers And Teddy Bear) 2/10/13
Alyssa V. Mullan (Should I Take Her Out Walker) New 1/28/13
Anthony “Chopper” Rinaldo (Barn Walker)
Arthur Henry Bridges – (Crowely – A Member Of The Governor’s Private Security) – 12/12/13
Ashton Lee Woolen (Farm/Highway Walker) 2/23/13
Bradley Egel (From The Charity The Walking Hope) 12/19/13
Chance Bartels (1st. Walker Shot By Merle Dixon)
Chris Bozeman (Atlanta Walker)
Christopher Kelly (The Eight Foot Tall Zombie)
Clair Danielle Canterbury (C-Section Zombie)
Claire Bronson – (Dr. Candace Jenner/TS-19) – 02/22/14
Daniel Thomas May (Allen – Tyresse group)
Don Teems (Walker Shot By Carl To Save Michonne) New 1/27/13
Dwayne Boyd (National Guardsman # 1)
E. Roger Mitchel – (Paul – Member OfWoodbury ) – 10/15/13
Frances Cobb (Atlanta Camp Survivor) 2/28/13
Gabrielle Stein (Chandler Riggs’ Stand In, Aka Carl)
Glen Padgett – (A Member Of The Governor’s Militia) 02/22/14
Greg Crews (The Snoring Guy) 01/02/14
Greg Tresan (Animal Trainer & Woodbury Resident Richard Foster) 3/5/13
Jack Byrd (Church Walker) 2/18/13
Jacque Tenpenny (Fence Walker)
James Barker (Bald Walker) 3/25/13
Jason Virus (Fence Walker)
Jeremy Ambler (Highway Walker)
Jessica Mallory (Bridge Walker) 2/20/13
Jilian McLendon – (Prison Fence Walker Cleaner) – 10/22/13
Joe Hernandez (Suspenders Walker) 2/19/13
Jonna Capehart (Britney Spears Zombie)
Kasey Williamson (Prison Walker/Bread Truck Walker) 3/5/13
Keisha Tillis (Mother Walker)
Kylie Szymanski (Penny Blake – The Governor’s Daughter) 02/09/14
Lew Temple (Axel) 2/18/13
Markice Kesan Moore (Andrew – Prisoner)
Mark Teems (Walker)
Marty Brotzge (Atlanta Tank Walker)
Meekal Maughon (Bridge Walker) 2/22/13
Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon)
Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy (Walker)
Mike Kasiske (Black Suited “Weren’t No Man!” Walker/First Walker To Ever Die)
Mike Mundy (Grandpa Walker Death By Firepoker)
Neil Brown Jr. (Leader of the Vatos, Guillermo)
Nick Whatley (Soldier/Member Of Woodbury) 4/16/13
Parker Wierling (Noah – Woodbury Resident) 3/10/13
Peter Kulas (Mr. Coleman)
Rozalyn Mattocks (A Member Of The Governor’s Militia) 12/18/13
Santiago Cirilo (Julio – Prison Survivor) 01/23/14
Scott Dale (National Guardsman #4 & Stunts) 1/29/13
Scott McPherson (Atlanta Walker) 3/25/13
Sonya Thompson (Walker)
Steve Warren (Machete Head Walker)
Theodus Crane (Big Tiny) 2/5/13
Theshay West (Michonne’s Pet Walker)
Tim Proctor (Artist Who Does Art For The Walking Dead Sketch Cards) 1/30/13
Tony Gowell (Barn Walker +)
Triston Johnson (Barn Walker)
Tyler Capehart (Walker)
Vincent M. Ward (Oscar)
Viviana Chavez (Miranda Morales) 4/18/13
William Hart (Ankle-Biter Walker One Who Bites Hershel)

I will be adding a ton more.


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