Interview With Charles Haskins Of Opposite Worlds On SyFy Team Epoch

Posted: 02/13/2014 in Opposite Worlds, Reality TV, Television



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
CH: Charles Haskins age 39, from New York, NY.

MW: How did you get cast to be on Opposite Worlds on SyFy?
CH: Found out about the show on Craigslist ironically. They were looking for in shape, wilderness oriented people. People who can handle hardship. Sounded like me.

MW: How did you like being on Team Epoch?
CH: Team Epoch was a awesome group. We bonded pretty quickly and got along well.

MW: What did you think of Team Epoch?
CH: Team Epoch overall was a good experience. We had some very funny conversations.

MW: You lost at The Duel Of Destiny. How did you end up breaking your leg?
CH: I broke my leg when Jesse of team chronus either ignored the rules or got to amped up and tackled me off of a 10 foot high platform. Broken in 3 places.

MW: Do you think the whole thing could have been handled different?
CH: Following the rules regarding the event would have prevented the injury.

MW: What can you tell me about your shot experience on Team Epoch?
CH: It was an experience. Sorry it ended so soon.

MW: Who did you like to hang out with on Team Epoch?
CH: I enjoyed Wyatt’s company the most. Angela was a good snuggle partner at night.

MW: Who did you not like to hang out with on Team Epoch?
CH: I got along equally with everyone else. No one I disliked.

MW: If asked to come back for season 2 would you?
CH: Open to it. But want a stronger commitment to player safety. Right now healing is my biggest concern.

MW: Do you think you would have won?
CH: Yes I think I had a solid plan and all the skills needed to win.

MW: Who do you think will win Opposite Worlds at this point?
CH: Looks like Jesse or Frank at this point but really it’s anyone’s game.

MW: What do you do in your everyday life?
CH: I am a boxing coach and do technical assistance for small film productions.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
CH: Thanks everyone for the well wishes.


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