Cancelled TV Shows 2014 – The Michael J. Fox Show – After Not Even 1 Season On NBC (Take Poll)

Posted: 02/13/2014 in Cancelled TV Shows 2014, Television


  1. Tea Johnson says:

    Just like we Loved the show that SyFy had on called Ghost Mine”, it was canceled as well even after hinting the Miners and Investigators had another Haunted Mine to go to. Tell us one thing and in a Blink of a eye these stations are Taking and Canceling our Shows we all Love. For what, SyFy is not a Sports Station, but canceled all but one Paranormal Show except for WWE and all Teenager BS! What a crock. That and I loved Michael J Fox as well. We have fought for these shows, but know one is listening to us the viewers. Are we not the very People who make these Stations and shows what they are? We want OUR SHOWS BACK ON. Or I will call for a BOYCOTT!

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