Interview With Mema From Hit Reelz Reality TV Show Hollywood Hillbillies

Posted: 02/12/2014 in Hollywood Hillbilies, Reality TV, Television

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
MM: Hi I’m Mema…..short, fat and mean.

MW: Tell me a little about MeMa?
MM: When I was young, I rode horses and was head majorette… but never played the trumpet. Now that I am older, I play HELL. I tolerate my family and adore my grandson, Michael.

MW: What does it mean to be a matriarch?
MM: That means you are large and in charge of your family.

MW: How did you become a part of Hollywood Hillbillies on Reelz TV?
MM: Unbelievable luck. My grandson was a YouTube sensation and videotaped me on the front porch talking sh*% and it eventually led to being a part of the REELZ family with this show.

MW: What was your first thought when you were told you and the rest of the family would be heading to Hollywood?
MM: That I will miss my dogs, of course!

MW: What was your first thought when you actually got to Hollywood?
MM: The food is awful, there’s no sweet tea and the neighbors don’t bring you pies to welcome you to the neighborhood. I’m not used to that.

MW: What did you want to do when you first got to Hollywood?
MM: Hopefully run into Jack Nicholson and share a bucket of chicken.

MW: How was it having the cameras follow you around?
MM: Always reminding myself to put on my bra and make sure my teeth are in.

MW: How many episodes of Hollywood Hillbillies will the first season be?
MM: Ten

MW: Walk me through a day in your life?
MM: I watch REELZ a lot, play bridge and eat great food with my family.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
MM: Watch Hollywood Hillbillies on REELZ every Tuesday and get ready to have some southern fun in the big city.



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