Interview With Rachel Lara Of Opposite Worlds On SyFy Team Chronos

Posted: 02/03/2014 in Opposite Worlds, Reality TV, Television


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
RLH: Ohaithur ^.^ Rachel Lara of Opposite Worlds, Team Chronos.

MW: How did you get cast to be on Opposite Worlds on SyFy?
RLH: Actually, the casting process was very fast in my case. I was approached by their casting team who had found me somewhere on the web, I still don’t know where ha ha. They’re very resourceful.

They told me that not only was this the first time in the history of the show, but the history of the entire network that they called someone back same day.


So that was end of December and they had me flying out in the first week of January. Nuts.

MW: How did you like being on Team Chronos?
RLH: I loved being on Chronos for very obvious reasons as well as reasons unseen by our viewers. We had a lot of fun. I’m a techie and future side was very fun for me. Could I have survived the switch to Epoch? Oh dear God yes. 🙂

MW: What did you think of Team Chronos?
RLH: The personalities in the Chronos house were some of the funnier dynamics I’ve seen in a while. They are very strong and I have a lot of faith in them. I definitely have my opinions of each of them individually but they’re good for the most part ha ha.

MW: You lost at The Duel Of Destiny. What happened?
RLH: Ugh. That duel was so brutal. It’s nearly impossible to convey to the viewers what happens to the body once your head is submerged in sub freezing water. When the body doesn’t move, the body just doesn’t move. After I first submerged my head I tried to get past both bars and the helmets and shoes etc are buoyant, didn’t make it. Sputtered, gasped, took in 27 degree water and had to stop to try and breathe. I could feel the stunt coordinators and safety cords breathing down my back and I was screaming inside, “GO. GOOO. GO!!” but I just couldn’t move. I pressed through as far as I could. Foot slipped twice on the A-frame and at that point I was fighting for me. Dragged myself up and I could hear my team shouting to me in which I sat at the top and just yelled “COLD!!!!!!” angrily lol.

MW: What could have you done different?
RLH: There is NOTHING you can do to prepare for that without previous cold water training. You go into cold shock.

A friend in med school actually rant to me, “That was just not fair playing grounds because other girls body more resilient to cold from living conditions. Furthermore, hypoglycemic index sugars inhibit the thyroid, which is the center of temp control and resilience to cold. That challenge was set up for the past to win. Shivering consumes so much oxygen will make you desaturated and cause dyspepsia. Only way to shiver less is activate the thyroid. Brown fat thermo genesis, inhibited by unsaturated fatty oils… Cave diet didn’t have those oils. Paleo diet is the way.

I laughed in good spirits though he was completely serious and found out after that Angela is a die-hard vegan. Either way, bravo to her, she deserved that win and, MAN, she rocked it like a champion.

MW: Who did you like to hang out with on Team Chronos?
RLH: I loved hanging out with Danielle and Frank, but the group time we all spent together was ridiculously fun. It’s tragic that no one sees that aspect.

MW: Who did you not like to hang out with on Team Chronos?
RLH: Jesse and I had our differences and seemed to butt heads a lot. I found myself walking away from conversations with him quite a bit. Once he decides he doesn’t care for someone, he can be a huge… Can I drop expletives? Lol. However, I still respect him and had times where I enjoyed being around him.

MW: If asked to come back into the game would you?
RLH: Yes, I would return if asked back. But believe me, not without major apprehensions. Lol. All the injuries, very intense.

MW: Would you want to be on the same team?
RLH: It’s hard to say. I like people from both sides. I think Chronos is a stronger team but I also think Epoch has major heart. There are cutthroats in every game however.

MW: What do you think about what happened to Charles Haskins?
RLH: What happened to Charles was so upsetting. Jesse NEVER meant to hurt Charles and we all felt so horrible. Jesse had a strategy, he went with it. He anticipated resistance when he made contact with Charles. Why would Jesse want to knock both of them off just to rematch? The edit shows me actually welling up with tears when they introduced the stun guns but in reality this was after we won. It didn’t feel like a good win. When you get up there, the adrenaline rush you have is insane and you just go, completely different mode.

MW: Who you think will win Opposite World at this point?
RLH: Jesse. I think this is his game, he knows how to play it. Strong, crafty, very intelligent and can withstand the punishments dealt to “least popular.” As you can tell, the social standings aren’t doing THAT much.

MW: What do you do in your everyday life?
RLH: In my everyday I’m highly involved in the video game industry and also cross-over in the film industry. I’m a gamer and admittedly, total nerd. Humorously, this has become “geek chic” but it just makes for cooler stuff available! I am actually a linguist, I professionally cosplay, love travel, weapons and firearms trained and enthusiast, I host panels at major events like Comic-Con and SXSW about video gaming and cosplay and I play a lot of poker lol. I also watch a LOT of dumb cartoons, yeah, I said it.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
RLH: I wish viewers had the chance to see the dynamic inside the houses and seriously, respect the competitors and what they’re doing. 4 people already injured and hospitalized. They’re fighting hard.


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    You go girl
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