Crazy Hearts: Nasville – Interview With Anthony Billups

Posted: 01/22/2014 in Crazy Hearts: Nashville, Music, Reality TV, Television


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
AB: My name is Anthony Billups, but my friends call me Billups.  I am an artist, performer and small business owner who plays himself on TV.

MW: How did you get cast on Crazy Hearts: Nashville on A&E?
AB: A&E asked EasternTV to find a cast of people who are in Nashville, closely related, and worth making a TV show about.  Heather Byrd, also one of the cast members, was in charge of finding those folks and I happened to be one.

MW: How was it taping Crazy Hearts: Nashville?
AB: In the end, it was awesome.  There were times that were a little rough, mostly when I realized that I was broadcasting my life to the world.

MW: How many episodes are of the first season of Crazy Hearts: Nashville?
AB: We filmed eight episodes.

MW: How has the response been for Crazy Hearts: Nashville so far?
AB: The response has been great so far.  I love the good and bad reviews, its just nice to be a part of something that evokes a response!

MW: How is the music scene in Nashville?
AB: I haven’t been a lot of places, but, I would find it hard to imagine a better music scene than the one in Nashville.  I am honored to even be a part of it.

MW: On the first episode of of Crazy Hearts: Nashville it showed your club/bar The Building. How is it owning it?
AB: For The Building (BLDG) to have been featured in the show has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.  We have been running that place, from the ground up, for nearly four years and for the world to see what we have done-is just awesome!

MW: Who all has played at the Building?
AB: So many people have graced the stage at The BLDG.  My favorites are my friends, like Leroy Powell, David Oakleaf, Dave Pahanish and Panfish, Amy Wilcox etc.  A few big names to perform are Jerrod Niemann, Tommy Sims, Rodney Crowell, Drake White, Eric Paslay and Sarah Buxton.

MW: Tell me about the following:
Old Soul Radio – Old Soul Radio was my first studio album.  All of the songs are songs that I have written and am proud of all of them.

Special – Special is a three song EP we made to raise money for Special Olympics and disability organizations around the world.  It features a song I wrote about my brother, called “Special.”

Yankeebilly Blues – Yankabilly Blues was an album that we did live in The Building.  We wanted to try recording stuff in The Building and I wanted something to give folks.

MW: Do you got any new music you are promoting now?
AB: I am just about to release a new single, titled “All Trucked Up.”  It will hit on next Thursday before Episode 4!  Its from my upcoming album which is being produced by co-star, Leroy Powell.

MW: How can fans or promoters who want to book you reach you?
AB: Fans and promoters can reach me by my website, or get me on twitter @anthonybillups

MW: What are your plans for 2014?
AB: My plan for 2014 is to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and showcase my music to the world.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
AB: I just want to remind everyone to tune in to Crazy Hearts: Nashville on A&E, Thursdays at 9pm Cst.  And, I would like to thank you for taking the time to put this together!!


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