Winter Olympics 2014 – Jaqueline Mourão Of Team Brazil

Posted: 01/15/2014 in Sports, Winter Olympics 2014

File:Flag of Brazil.svg

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
JM: I am a Brazilian cross country skier and biathlete. First ever Brazilian to participante in winter and summer games. I participated in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 in Mountain Bike and Torino 2006 and Vancouver 2010 in cross country ski.

MW: How did you become a Cross Country Skier?
JM: I was training in Canada and a late snow storm fell and I could not train MTB for some days. My husband invited me to try XC skiing and I loved it!

MW: What is Cross Country Skiing?
JM: passion to do sport gliding in the woods

MW: What competitions have you won?
JM: My best result was the 6th place in Canada national championships 2012

MW: Tell me about going to the 2006 Winter Olympics?
JM: Everything was very new for me, I was just starting in XC skiing. I enjoyed every single second and the Italians made it very fun.

MW: Tell me about going to the 2010 Winter Olympics?
JM: It was very special Olympics because I had a lot of Canadian and American cheering for me the entire race.

MW: Now your going to the 2014 Winter Olympics how did you qualify?
JM: I am very honored and proud to represent Brazil for the 5th time in the Olympics, and to make history again by becoming the first Brazilian to represent biathlon in the games.

MW: Who are you looking foreword most to compete with?
JM: I don’t know, just focusing on myself and try to do my best will be my goal.

MW: What is Brazil record for wining Cross Country Skiing in the past Winter Olympics?
JM: No records, it is not a traditional sport for Brazil, but we are learning more and more and I think with more years of experience the new generation can start to fight for better places.

MW: What are your plans after the Winter Olympics?
JM: Spent time with my son and keep doing what I love: sports

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
JM: I first saw snow at 27 years old and now preparing for my 3rd Olympics, I am sure the small nations are working hard to represent their country in this amazing event: the Olympic Games. Please cheer for us too!




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