Johnathan Gay Will Be A New Writer For Blastzone Online

Posted: 01/04/2014 in Uncategorized

Johnathan Gay is a lawyer and economic developer in east Kentucky. The region in which he works runs from the Bluegrass to the Appalachian Mountains; and from the Ohio River to the Kentucky-Virginia border of Hatfield and McCoy fame. Johnathan has been a soldier, a lawyer and a business consultant. He served in the Army in the days between the Cold War and the War on Terror as an Infantryman- a grunt, carrying a machine gun and driving a Bradley (basically, a tank that carries soldiers into battle). He’s practiced criminal law, representing hundreds of clients with drug related issues. Most recently, he works with technology and innovation-based entrepreneurs who are trying to create new business ventures- such as the one who founded this site.

These jobs have allowed Johnathan to straddle several worlds: The old military world when power meant tanks and the new one where the bad guys carry improvised explosive devices. The hard-scrabble world of drug dealers and addicts and the good ol’ boy world of justice and country courthouses. He’s helped welfare mothers get into drug rehab, and assisted technology clients get patents and trademarks.

Johnathan will be joining these pages to write on issues related to the straddling of these multiple worlds. He feels his experience can be relevant in these confusing times and can help answer questions like these: How does America move from a factory nation to a service economy nation? How do poor people get ahead in this economy? How do depressed regions catch up with prosperous ones? How does the new world interact with the old world? What does this all mean to you??

Look for new writings and interviews done by Mr. Gay very soon.

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