365 Days In The Blastzone – Gotham Saints – Oslo, Norway

Posted: 01/04/2014 in 365 Days In The Blastzone

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
MW: Mats Wernerson bass/song writer of Gotham Saints.

MW: Where is Gotham Saints from?
MW: We are based in Oslo, Norway. Me and the vocalist Danny are Swedes and Kristian and Vegard are Norwegians.

MW: How is the music scene where Gotham Saints is?
MW: The sleaze rock scene in Oslo is small but it’s getting more and more attention due to new bands getting videos online and albums on Spotify.

MW: Tell me about each of your prior releases?
MW: We released our first EP “Wild at heart” in 2010. 5 tracks and a music video for the song “Raise the stakes”

MW: What is the plan for a new Gotham Saints release?
MW: Summer 2013 we released our first single “Hang em high” taken from the up-coming debut album. Songs available on Spotify and Cd’s at http://www.demondollrecords.com

We are working on our debut album as we speak and if everything goes as planned there will be a digital release in May/June. We will also have a limited number of Cd’s sold trough our website.  The working title of the album is “Born To Raise Hell” and it’s a darker and heavier sound than our previous EP. But still really sleazy!

MW: Has Gotham Saints been touring or planning a tour?
MW: As Sadde, our former guitarist left the band after the single release in 2013 we have not been playing live at all. We put all energy in writing songs for the new album and planning to start touring this year to promote the new album.

MW: Tell me about your most memorable show?
MW: I arranged a one night festival in Oslo in February, 2013 with Crashdïet as headliner and Gotham Saints, our friends from Sister and Toxic Rose played as opening acts. That was a great and memorable night for us. It was allot of work and we did everything on our own but totally worth it!

MW: If you could create your own tour who would it be with?
MW: A great tour would be coast to coast of USA with the Australian band ” De La Cruze” They seem to be a crazy bunch of dudes and a good up and coming young band to be playing with.

MW: What can we expect from Gotham Saints in the future?
MW: A heavy, raw and in your face sound and attitude with the new album!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
MW: Check us out online at facebook for all news and updates on the new album.
And keep supporting underground sleaze bands by going to live shows and buying CD’s and t-shirts so the scene stays alive!


Free Download Of “Hang em high” Coming Soon…


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