365 Days In The Blastzone – Zeroking – Huntington, WV

Posted: 01/01/2014 in 365 Days In The Blastzone

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
AH: I’m Andy Haught lead vocalist of Zeroking. We’re a hard rock/metal band about to enter our 10th year.

MW: Where is Zeroking from?
AH: We’re based out of Huntington, WV primarily. Though we have members that live in Charleston, WV and Ashland, KY as well.

MW: How is the music scene where Zeroking is?
AH: It’s been better in years past honestly. Very few venues to work in and not a lot of touring bands coming thru anymore. I think when something bigger does come thru people come out to support it for the most part but I think that promoters who are more concerned about bands selling tickets rather than making sure to have quality acts on the bill has kinda burnt people out on supporting local shows especially in Huntington. There are some good bands in our area but the opportunities are few and far between so we try to travel and bring what we do to other scenes and venues out of our area.

MW: Tell me about each of your prior releases?
AH: Our first EP “The Sweet Sale Of Excess” was a 5 song effort that was released in 2006. It was early Zeroking and contains 4 songs (54 XTC, Drugs Will Keep Us Together, Celebrity, and So Damn Beautiful) that we still play to this day, In fact most sets we play prob include at least 2 of those 4. We were still searching for our sound but at the time really represented where we were musically and thematically.

Our next release “A Taste Of Self Destruction” came in the spring of 2011 and was a 5 song EP (Girls Of California, Stone Cold Bitch, She Said, Black Friday, and Kings Of Self Destruction). In addition to getting some of our new songs out (All of which would also appear on the full length Kings Of Self Destruction) it was also the first time our music was available digitally and we started receiving press and reviews worldwide. Feb 2012 the full length Kings Of Self Destruction was released both physically and digitally. The album in general was focused in a more rock direction (though still very metal flavored in places) but was definitely an attempt to broaden our sound and take it to places we hadn’t been before, especially on the ballads we included “Love Is Dead” (a duet w Stacee Lawson) “Valentine” and “Leaving Los Angeles” and the song “Dead Rockstar” which in 2013 became the first official video we released on YouTube.

MW: What is the plan for a new Zeroking release?
AH: We have a lot of new tunes we want to get out and there will be a new release this year hopefully. Tentatively the plan is to get into a studio in January and record at least two of them and probably pick one of this to shoot a video.

MW: Has Zeroking been touring or planning a tour?
AH: We always play as many places as we can and hope to spread out to even more areas that we’ve never played in 2014. Ideally I’d love to be breaking into some markets internationally this year.

MW: Tell me about your most memorable show?
AH: They are all memorable in their own way, and there have been so many that come to mind over the years including shows opening for bands like Pop Evil, Nonpoint, Airbourne, Black Stone Cherry, Mushroomhead, Texas Hippie Coalition , Kill Devil Hill among others in addition to being part of awesome festivals like Rocklahoma 2009. Memorable shows from the past year include shows with Bobaflex, Drowning Pool and Soil.

MW: If you could create your own tour who would it be with?
AH: Would love to tour with legends like Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Guns N Roses or Slash, KISS, Alice Cooper, Motörhead, or Ozzy. Newer bands I think we would package well with Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Bullet For My Valentine just off the top of my head.

MW: What can we expect from Zeroking in the future?
AH: I wish I had a crystal ball HAHA but what I do know is that we have a bunch of new music we want to get out and hope to continue to keep rockin’ for audiences. Here’s to 2014 being our biggest year yet.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
AH: Thanks to all our fans listeners and supporters for rockin’ w the ‘King. Special shout out to Dave Tedder (Vanity Music, Head First Entertainment) Debbie Wunstel (Up and Away Promotions) all the people in the press/radio including you Mike and Blastzone Online (You’ve been in our corner a long time). To anyone who’s never heard us before it’s not too late to join the party… Let’s Rock!

Links to social networks:
@zerokingandy on Twitter

Free Download Of “Dead Rockstar” Coming Soon…

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