Huge Tight Giveaway # 1

Posted: 12/31/2013 in Blastzone Online Giveaways
– One TIGHT T-shirt (signed by the band)
– One signed “golden condom” – from the movie (Signed)
– One TIGHT original soundtrack CD
Runner Up Prize 1:
-Tight DVD
-Tight CD soundtrack
Runner Up Prize 2:
-Tight DVD
-Tight CD soundtrack

Thank you to Rob at Wild Eye Releasing for the prizes. You can check out all Rob and Wild Eye Releasing has to offer at :

To enter the giveaway just send your name, Facebook, and email to

The giveaway will run from December 31st., 2013 – January 31st., 2014. All 3 winners will be announced on February 1st., 2014. The prizes will be sent out by February 15th., 2014.

If there is any questions please direct them to

If email links do not work please copy and paste into your email and send.


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