NECA – Lone Ranger & Tonto Action Figures

Posted: 12/19/2013 in Action Figures, NECA


I have been a serious fan of the NECA product for many years. It all started with the Captain Spaulding figure from House Of 1,000 Corpse. I have to say the articulation that NECA puts into a 7″ figure is not like any other. When I was told I was getting the Lone Ranger Action figures I was excited to get the box and open them. Well NECA out did themselves with these 2. Everything on these figure is so authentic to Armie Hammer and his on The Lone Ranger. The Tonto figure just blows me away how much the likeness to Johnny Deep. I like both of these figures for sure I am myself more partial to the Tonto for several reasons. The face paint, the feathers off his head band and his clothing. I have to say it is the best Johnny Deep figure I have ever saw. Good job NECA good job.


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