Interview With Arthur Henry Bridgers (A Member Of The Governor’s Private Security Detail) From The Walking Dead TV Series On AMC

Posted: 12/12/2013 in Television, The Walking Dead


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
AHB: Arthur Bridgers.

MW: How would fans of The Walking Dead TV show on AMC know you?
AHB: I played Crowely, a member of the Governor’s private security detail.

MW: How did you get cast as Crowley a member of the Governor’s private detail on The Walking Dead?
AHB: My agent sent me the sides, and my wife helped me put the audition on tape.

MW: What did you think when you read the script?
AHB: General excitement, I think. I’ve always liked the show and was definitely looking forward to it, right out of the gate. It was a really well-written script with plenty of action, so I knew it was going to be a lot of fun.

MW: What was it like to do your first scenes?
AHB: To be perfectly honest, I was a little nervous. Especially to be working with such talented actors like David Morrisey and Michael Rooker. That feeling actually faded pretty quickly, though. Everyone was really down-to-earth and very easy to work with. It was an excellent experience.

MW: Did you like being part of Woodbury?
AHB: I did. It was exciting to be a part of what I perceived to be a somewhat new direction for the show. Though most of my time was spent in the woods or hunting down national guardsmen. Which I still feel bad about.

MW: Did you like the way you died by decapitated by Michonne?
AHB: You know, if you have to die… What better way to go? It was a little surreal to watch, though. Seeing my severed head lying on the ground was definitely a unique experience.

MW: Did you know what you were getting yourself into?
AHB: Just from watching the show, I kind of had a sense of what I was getting into as far as what my character would be doing. But I don’t think anything could have prepared me for working with the cast. There’s so much camaraderie that it’s almost more of a family. A really dysfunctional one, but a family, nevertheless.

MW: Do you watch the show?
AHB: On occasion I’ll get a chance to see it. My wife and I just had our first baby seven months ago, so most of the time, the only thing I watch are the backs of my eyelids. And even that doesn’t happen very often.

MW: Did you like The Walking Dead before you were cast?
AHB: I did like the show a lot. Growing up, I was a huge fan of zombie films, and of Greg Nicotero, in particular. So I was excited to see the show air and develop with such talented artists moving it along.

MW: Who is your favorite character?
AHB: Well, of course, everyone is great. But I think I like the Bowman the best. He’s that silent badass type that doesn’t have to say a word to frighten you into the fetal position. And he uses a bow and arrow. He just reminds me of some old-school warrior you’d never want to meet on a battlefield.

MW: Do many fans try to reach out to you?
AHB: A few, here and there.

MW: Have you done any conventions as a guest yet?
AHB: I have not yet been to any conventions, but it seems like a good time.

MW: What new conventions in 2013 will you be at?
AHB: I haven’t committed to any as of now, but I’m looking into it. I’ve never done it before, so I’m not exactly sure of the protocol and who to contact about participating.

MW: Who is the coolest actor on The Walking Dead to work with?
AHB: They’re all pretty cool. That’s like trying to pick a favorite band.

MW: What else are you doing other then The Walking Dead?
AHB: I recently finished a film called “CBGB”, which chronicles the creation of the CBGB club in New York at the time of the punk invasion. It’s an exceptional cast, all portraying the great punk and rock artists during the late 70s and 80s. It will premiere at the CBGB festival in New York City this October.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
AHB: Thanks for having me. It was a pleasure.


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