Interview With Aaralyn & Izzy From America’s Got Talent Season 8

Posted: 07/30/2013 in America's Got Talent, Reality TV, Television

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Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
A&I: My name is Isaiah Oneil and I’m 9 years old. And I’m Aaralyn Oneil and I’m 6 years old!

MW: What made you want to try out for America’s Got Talent season 8?
Izzy:  well I thought it was a good idea because they don’t have anything like us before. I told dad that it would be a good idea because going to New York city would be cool.

Aaralyn:  I wanted to go on TV and show everybody how much I rocked! (seriously she just said that…this interview is going to be interesting, she is in one of her ‘attitude’ moods haha)

MW: Take me through the first round?
Aaralyn: In the first round I was scared. I saw the 4 judges and I thought maybe they would be super surprised. When the song started I just looked at the judges and heard everyone screaming almost as loud as me! And Some of the judges stood up and had Metal signs. I was surprised they liked it, and I was happy that we got to go to Las Vegas because that’s where Grammy Lives.

Izzy: The first round was like “wow, this was cool!” and I didn’t feel nervous or anything. And when the judges gave their reaction, I was surprised because I was kinda preparing to be “X”. I saw some metal acts on other shows like AGT and they never do well.

MW: Take me through the Vegas round?
Aaralyn: Las Vegas lasted forever! It was a lot of waiting and waiting. When we finally got to play I was so excited, but they gave me cold water and I squeaked a little bit, not a lot. Howard asked if we thought we changed “Meanie Spice’s” mind and we said yes! Mostly I like Las Vegas because of all the new friends we made! And the magicians showing us magic tricks!

Izzy: I did not like Las Vegas very much. It was a lot of doing nothing for like hours and hours, then they want to interview you a lot and then you do nothing. We only got to rehearse once the whole time we were there. It was a very long week, but what was really cool is making new friends like Lil’ Demon the Dancer, Ciana, Chloe, and Genesis. We played at the pool whenever we could.

MW: Take me through the live round?
Aaralyn: That was the most fun ever! We were always busy, and there was lots of great food. We got to play with Karina, Joshua and Josh (the backing band) and they are awesome and my new friends. And they made me a special skirt with lots of flowers and it was so pretty. I think I did a good job at my performance even though Howard was very mean though and hurt my feelings. I am not a joke, even though I like to make people laugh. I also learned to do a full split there!

Isaiah: Best time ever! I really like how New York is easy to walk around, but the cab rides are scary sometimes. For this performance it really felt different than the other times. It was almost like being on a movie set. People would stop us on the street and take our picture with them. And even though they didn’t show it very well, it was awesome being 16 feet above the stage and being lowered down with a bunch of pyro.

MW: What did you think when you were voted off?
A&I: Happy! We really missed our family and our dog Chloe. Plus, we got ice cream after!

MW: How far did you think you would go?
Aaralyn: ummm I don’t know.

Izzy: I didn’t think we would make it past the first audition. I never saw heavy metal go past the first audition.

MW: How upset are you that you did not go to the semi-finals?
Izzy: Not at all. I guess it would have been fun to do more, but me and Aaralyn just want to get back to doing real stuff and not “Reality” stuff. We want to make a real CD and play with shows and have fun with the rest of our summer.

MW: What did you think of Howie Mandel?
Aaralyn:  I like him! He’s Good, and was very nice to us.

Izzy: Howie was our biggest fan, so of course I love him.

MW: What did you think of Mel B.?
Aaralyn: I scared her. So good.

MW: What did you think of Hedi Klum?
Aaralyn: Oh Heidi was very nice and gave me a hug in Las Vegas!

MW: What did you think of Howard Stern?
Aaralyn: at first I liked him and now I don’t. He said mean things.

Izzy:  Yeh, what Aaralyn said. I don’t understand why he suddenly decided not to like us anymore.

MW: What is in store for Aaralyn & Izzy now?
Izzy: Well we want to record a real CD and maybe one real music video. Dad is working on that stuff, although I think he’s not sure what to do (this is very true, lol)

MW: How can your fans reach out to you?
Izzy:  we have a Facebook ( which dad is in charge of but I do the twitter (@AaralynAndIzzy).

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
Izzy: Just want to thank all the new fans that liked our performance, we really hope that we get to meet you because so many people around the world liked it and we want to travel around the world and play music!

Aaralyn: Yes we have lots of new fans and I just want to make songs for all of them! I just can’t wait to perform again!

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