Interview With Peter Shinkoda Who Played Dai In The First 2 Seasons Of Falling Skies

Posted: 07/29/2013 in Movies, Television


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
PS: I’m just an actor. I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.

MW: How did you get the role as Dai in Falling Skies?
PS: Through the normal channels – I put myself on tape for Mr. Spielberg and luckily he responded very favorably and and only a couple of days later he offered me the job without even a meeting!

MW: How was it working with Noah Wyle?
PS: Working with Noah was a pleasure every second. I learned a lot from him as a person and especially as an actor.

MW: How was it working with Will Patton?
PS: Will is an actor’s actor. He is an amazing actor and his work over decades has illustrated exactly that. He gives 110% and in his preparation before shooting it is obvious. His concentration when performing is fierce!

MW: How was it working with Colin Cunningham?
PS: We’d known each other since before the show so it was a pleasure hanging around working with a friend. I thoroughly love his company and am in awe of his talents – on and off set. I also learned a lot from watching his body of work through the years. Just a great guy in my eyes!
21834_002_0709_R   Falling skies TNT season 2 Noah Wyle+falling skies cast noah wyle
MW: Were you upset when you were told you would be leaving Falling Skies?
PS: I can admit I wasn’t happy when I was told very late in the game but that’s how the cookie crumbles I guess. I didn’t throw a conniption or whine to my agent. I believe I took it very graciously and then completed my job.

MW: Do you like way you were killed off on Falling Skies?
PS: I feel somewhat guilty because the fans were completely NOT satisfied with how Dai was “offed” but my responsibility is acting what is written for me and not rock the boat. It was quite obvious that he could’ve been easily portrayed as a hero/martyr during the final escape from the alien compound as opposed to dying in vain as the squad is captured. It’s exactly why you asked the question isn’t it?

MW: Do you still watch Falling Skies? What do you think of the 3rd. season?
PS: I try to but I’ve only managed to watch the first 4 episodes. I’ve enjoyed it so far yet I’m quite busy on focusing on new projects.

MW: What are you doing now that you are not on Falling Skies?
PS: In early August I begin shooting in Los Angeles a very clever indie feature titled, “The Lady Killers” featuring Jamie Kaler, Dean Haglund, Arye Gross, Burt Bulos, and Tucker Smallwood as well as a bevy of lovely actresses. A great part that would never be offered to me by a studio or network in a hundred years. I’m excited to work on it.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993) Poster
MW: Tell me about the following roles?
PS: Ferrian in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was a very early recurring role in my career. I was awful in it but I cherish the memories because at the time I was actually a huge fan of the show. I tried not to miss watching it every day!

Albino X was an engineered mutant that was revealed in the 2nd to last episode of the Dark Angel series. Unfortunately he didn’t live on to see the 3rd season because the next episode was the season finale which also turned out to be the series end. It was directed by James Cameron himself.
Paycheck Movie Poster
Playing a suit in Paycheck was exhilarating because I was working with the great John Woo and I was beside myself (and literally beside Affleck who was preoccupied by his relationship with JLo at the time!)

The anesthesiologist role was gratifying only because I read almost all of Stephen King’s books as a child and there I was immersed in his new project Kingdom Hospital (which was based on a Lars Von Trier series!)
Detective Chin in I,Robot was cast with another actor originally but scheduling didn’t allow him to finish the remaining days and I was asked to step in that’s why there’s two actors credited for the role. Never seen that before! I got to have a couple lunches across from Alex Proyas and got a lot of privy into the circumstances of Brandon Lee’s death on the set of the Crow.

I played a recurring beat cop on the very successful Canadian series DaVinci’s Inquest. It swept the TV awards (Geminis) in Canada every year it was on! I appeared only a few episodes as a sports agent/Subaru ad guy in the first couple of seasons. To tell you the truth, the only episode that really mattered was the one I was introduced in. It was also an episode that was direct by Tony Goldwyn.

Duffy was a guest detective in another Stephen King-based show with Anthony Michael Hall starring. It was a fun shoot. I was guesting with a friend of mine Chris Kramer and AMH was a riot in between takes!

Playing Alex in Supernatural is a gig that fans of the show always cite. Strangely enough, a Japanese anime version of the show was released eventually – I only saw the trailer for it but it was clearly based on the episode I appeared in as Alex/Shapeshifter. I was mildly offended because the animated version of my character was Caucasian in the cartoon. I wondered why that was so.

ln Stargate SG-1 I might as well been background. I think I had a line and it was off screen!
In WAR I played a Yakuza type in the Bay Area. I get executed by Jet Li and then Statham comes to investigate the crime scene. Can’t turn down work when you’re sandwiched between those two guys!!!

Playing Sektor in MK speaks for itself in two words: Cyborg Ninja. I hope to reprise the role as WB rolls out another web season or a feature. It’s been taking a while though so we’ll see.

Jackhammer is Canadian feature that is currently looking for distribution but the plans are to make it a web series or TV series in the same vein as the TrailerParkBoys. In fact, those three actors -they are all big fans of the final result. The film also showcases Pamela Anderson, Nicole Sullivan, Jamie Kennedy, Rob Wells etc. My good friend Mike Hanus who wrote, directed and starred in it shot it over three years and was always asking me to do a cameo and I finally had the time to get there to do it during the final hour. I think it will have a life in the future! It’s quite hilarious in my humble opinion.

MW: What else do you got going on in 2013?
PS: 2013 is half over but I know I’ll have to attending DragonCon in Atlanta, I will also be traveling to several film fests with Jackhammer, one being the Oaxaca Film Festival in Southern Mexico. I just finished working on a major studio picture with a $200 million budget. Can’t say what. I have a few other projects that if they pan out will keep me busy until the end of the year.

MW: How can your fans reach you?
PS: My Facebook Fan Page or even reach out to me on my personal Facebook -I don’t even discriminate anymore between the two. I can also be reached on Twitter @petershinkoda .

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
PS: To your subscribers and readers, thanks for taking interest in my work and my words. Also, let’s all make this a better world to live in for everyone! You know all the right moves to make people!!!!


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