Interview From Vault – Don Jamieson Co-Host Of That Metal Show On VH1 Classics – 01/09/12

Posted: 07/25/2013 in Interview From Vault, Music, Television

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
DJ: Hi I’m Don Jamieson, comedian & co-host of ‘That Metal Show’ on VH1 Classic.

MW: When did you get your start in comedy?
DJ: It’s all Jim Florentine’s fault.  He used to take me on the road where all these crappy comics would open for him and I thought, hey I could suck that bad too.

MW: Where is your favorite place to do comedy? And why?
DJ: My favorite place to do comedy is wherever they laugh the most.

MW: Your new CD Live and Hilarious on Metal Blade Records is doing very well. How did the deal with Metal Blade come about?
DJ: Brian Slagel, the head of the label, saw me open on tour for one of his bands, ‘Charred Walls Of The Damned’ doing comedy in rock clubs and figured I’d be a good fit.  Then again, we were drinking a lot of wine that day so it may have just been that.

MW: I read that you are the regular opener for Andrew Dice Clay. How is it to work with Andrew Dice Clay?
DJ: Non-stop ball-busting.  When we go on the road it’s almost like the show is an inconvenience.  We just fuck with people all day, do the show and then go back to fucking with people again.

MW: So you are one of the three co-host on That Metal Show. Did you think when it started that it would be so successful?
DJ: No.  I thought I’d meet Lita Ford, make a thousand dollars and be done.  Now we’re going into our 10th season…God Bless America!

MW: That Metal Show is going into its 10 season soon. Can you give any hints to the guest?
DJ: I’m sorry I can’t give any hints.  Otherwise Eddie Trunk will come to my house and beat me senseless.  He’s a very powerful man.

MW: What has been your favorite guest? And why?
DJ: Well, Steve Vai is the only guest that gave me and Jim Florentine a record deal (‘Terrorizing Telemarketers Vol. 5’) so it would have to be him.

MW: Was there any backlash from Marilyn Manson’s comments on the show?
DJ: None at all.  People love to watch a train wreck.

MW: You ask Eddie Trunk the questions during Stump The Trunk. Is he really as much of a cry ass in real life as he is on the show?
DJ: The fans ask him the questions actually but the thing about Eddie is that he’s very sincere about trying to do well in that segment and when you have a dick like me sitting there taunting him it kind of gets on his nerves.

MW: I met Eddie Trunk at Rocklahoma 2008. He seemed like a very cool guy.
DJ: He’s a terrific guy.  One of my best friends.

MW: Give me a day in your life?
DJ: Wake up around noon.  Write for a few hours while cranking metal or listening to sports radio.  Go do a comedy show.  Drink beer.  Have sex with girlfriend.  Go to sleep.  Repeat.

MW: What can we expect from you in 2012?
DJ: More ‘That Metal Shows’, more ridiculous sideburns and more dick jokes.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
DJ: Follow me on Twitter @realdonjamieson.  As long as you’re not a jerkoff.


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