Earnie Ball Music Man Battle Of The Bands For Uproar Fest – Chris Ferland Of Ashes Of My Regrets

Posted: 07/24/2013 in Earnie Ball Music Man Battle Of The Bands For Uproar Fest, Music

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
CF: Hey I’m Chris Ferland im the vocalist for Ashes of my Regrets.

MW: Tell me about your band Ashes of my Regrets?
CF: Our music is a mix of of the current hardcore scene and electronica with synths playing a big role to how our music sounds, were just 5 guys who love making music and would be more than happy if we got the chance to do this for a living.

MW: Where is Ashes of my Regrets from?
CF: Me Brian and Adam are from Dumont NJ and Juan and Lenny are from Palisades Park NJ.

MW: Do you have a new release you are promoting?
CF: We actually just released a new song called The Outcome that we’ve been promoting a lot since we released it and we are also looking to have our EP hopefully out by the end of the summer.

MW: Tell me about the band battle you are in now?
CF: Right now were in the Battle of the bands for Uproar Festival it works exactly how the Warped Tour one did i mean we would love to play but we kind of also entered just to hopefully get some more exposure since we aren’t very big right now.

MW: How can fans help you win?
CF: Our fans can help us to win by going to http://battle.rockstaruproar.com/u/ashesofmyregretsnj and just shooting us a vote everyday the more votes we get the better of a chance we have to win.

MW: What is Ashes of my Regrets goal with winning the band battle?
CF: I mean like I said before we would love to play Uproar Festival because that would definitely get us a lot of exposure but even if we don’t we just want as much exposure as we can get.

MW: What else does Ashes of my Regrets have on tap for 2013?
CF: Other than EP were just looking to play a bunch of shows we absolutely love playing them and they definitely help us get more fans.

MW: If you band could make perfect tour who would it be with?
CF: Asking Alexandria, Memphis May Fire, Of mice and men, Attila, and Crown the Empire We all have an inner sloth tour.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
CF: I guess what i have to say is just check out Ashes of my Regrets just spread our name around and thanks for the interview its always cool doing one of these.



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