Earnie Ball Music Man Battle Of The Bands For Uproar Fest – Kemble Walters Of AEGES

Posted: 07/18/2013 in Earnie Ball Music Man Battle Of The Bands For Uproar Fest, Music, Music Fest

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
KW: Hi, I’m Kemble Walters from the band AEGES.

MW: Tell me about your band AEGES?
KW: W’re a 4 piece from LA, Ca comprised of members Kemble Walters, Cory Clark, Larry Herweg, and Tony Baumeister. We’ve all been in, or are still in, hardcore bands; it’s what we grew up on. Larry is in Pelican, San Angeles, and the former drummer of TUSK, Tony Baumeister is from 16 and Cuthroats 9, Kemble Walters is from the Rise, Juliette & the Licks (not so hardcore) and a bunch of other stuff, Cory Clark is from Sleepless Me as well as his own solo stuff (rad roots acoustic jams).
Long story short, we all came together over the love of Handsome and Quicksand. Put out our first full length via the Mylene Sheath in late 2012 and are now in pre-production for the new one. It’s sounding awesome.

MW: Where is AEGES from?
KW: We all live in LA but Cory and Tony are the only Ca natives. Kemble Walters grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia and Larry is from Chicago.

MW: Do you have a new release you are promoting?
KW: Aeges has a split 7′ coming out via the Mylene Sheath records with the band DustMoth (members of these arms are snakes, Minus the Bear and more). It’s gonna be rad. It’s called the BAD BLOOD ep. If you’d like to know why, keep checking in for updates.

MW: Tell me about the band battle you are in now?
KW: I guess we’re in a battle to play the Ernie Ball stage with AIC etc. I don’t like music competitions at all. It’s hard enough to break good music now a days but with all these competitors etc is more about how many friends you have and if you’re willing to exploit them to get ‘picked’. I love the bands on the Uproar bill. We just played with Coheed & Cambria when they came through Tuscan and LA and t was rad, I just think it would be sweet to play with those dudes again.

MW: How can fans help you win?
KW: Vote I guess.

MW: What is AEGES goal with winning the band battle?
KW: No goal in particular, just think we are a rad fit with the bands o the bill and would love the opportunity to rock with them.

MW: What else does AEGES have on tap for 2013?
KW: Pre-production for the new record.

MW: If you band could make perfect tour who would it be with?
KW: Quicksand. Alice In Chains, Deftones, Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
KW:  Check out our tunes, we think they’re pretty rad, you might to.


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