Interview With John Strickland Of Lullwater

Posted: 07/11/2013 in Music

Interview Done By Monica C. Wilkerson

MCW: Please introduce yourself?
JS: John Strickland lead vocals/guitar of Lullwater.

MCW: How did Lullwater form?
JS: The band’s former drummer and I used to casually play at his house with some mutual friends. We decided to just start playing local bars to make some extra money and have a good time jamming. I was tired of playing the same cover songs every night and wanted to really see what we could do playing original music. About that time I met Brett Strickland (lead guitarist) through a mutual friend at an open mic night he was hosting in downtown Athens. His guitar playing and style really intrigued me so I introduced myself. After a few shots I asked him if he wanted to play a show with me at another bar later that night and that’s where we clicked. I later asked him to join the band. Once Ray Beatty (bass) and Joe Wilson (drums) joined the band our rhythm section locked in and the Lullwater sound was solidified.

MCW: How did you come up with the name Lullwater?
JS: The name came from the street our former drummer lived on. We practiced at his place in this dirty, grimy basement. Very original I know…

MCW: Tell me about your new release coming out in September?
JS: The self titled album will be independently released on September 17th. We cut the record at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA in December 2011. It was an incredible experience. There are a lot of good tunes on this record that were proud of and anxious to put out. I think people are going to get excited for this one. I know we are.

MCW: What will be the first single of the self titled CD?
JS: “Tug of War” was the first single released. We followed that up with the releases of “Blind” and “Albatross”.   The path was taken to build momentum in to the actual album release.  As we’ve seen the audiences grow, it seems like the strategy was a good one.

MCW: What inspires you to write the songs you do?
JS: There are several things really. As a songwriter, I feel like there is a responsibility to be honest and truthful in what you write may it be love, pain, aggression or fear. When I write I usually do so to alleviate emotional tension or anxiety or to mourn in my own way. Writing is very therapeutic for me so maybe that’s why a lot of our songs are aggressive and energetic in nature. Releasing that energy, anxiety, heartache or whatever it may be is a very powerful thing. That’s one reason I love rock music… It doesn’t give a shit about your issues. It takes care of them.

MCW: When will the first video be out and what will it be?
JS: “Tug of War” has a video out now and we are currently working on the new video for “Albatross,” which will be driven by fan generated content.  Those that follow us are tuned in to the initiative, and anyone can contribute.  Check out or for details.

MCW: Will Lullwater be touring?
JS: It seems like Lullwater is always touring. We’ve been touring our ass off the last several years and will continue to do so. We recently did a 6 week national headlining tour that took us to SXSW in Austin, through the Rockies, to the Pacific Northwest then the West Coast and back. We had our ups and downs and learned a lot on that tour but we’re excited to get back out on the road. We’ve got regional dates lined up for this summer then a Midwest tour to support the album release followed up by another national tour this fall.

MCW: Who would you want to tour with if you had your pick?
JS: I’m a huge 90s rock fan, especially the Seattle scene of the late 80s and early 90s. My dream tour would be with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and any band that Dave Grohl is in.

MCW: What would you like to say in closing?
JS: Rock isn’t dead… It’s just sleeping.


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