SuicideGirl Interview Of The Day – Ceres Suicide

Posted: 07/09/2013 in Model, SuicideGirl Interview of The Day


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
CS:Hi there, I’m Ceres. I’m from Vancouver, Canada and I’m a nude model. I love cats and the ocean.

MW: How would the readers of Blastzone Online know you?
CS: They would know me from various internet communities. is the main one, along with tumblr and instagram.


MW: How did you become a Suicide Girl?
CS: I applied to be a model and they accepted my application. Then I submitted a photo-set to the website. Members & staff then liked my photos so Suicidegirls featured me on their front page and I became a SuicideGirl!

MW: How long have you been a Suicide Girl?
CS: Since January 2011.


MW: What does it mean to be a Suicide Girl?
CS: To me, being a SuicideGirl means being able to freely express who I am. I am able to be the woman that I want to be, not the woman that mainstream society wants me to be.

MW: What kind of photos do you do for Suicide Girls?
CS: The photo sets of me on are sexy, nude pin up photos!


MW: Is Suicide Girls only a subscription based site?
CS: Yes.

MW: How can people find you on Suicide Girls website?
CS: Search “Ceres” in the models area or go to


MW: Do you only do photos for your fans to see?
CS: My fans can find photos of me on as well as other photos that I post to Instagram and tumblr. I’m also on Zivity.

MW: How can a girl become a Suicide Girl?
CS: Go to and simply apply to be a model It’s a super easy, fun and exciting process!


MW: What can the fans of Suicide Girls expect from you i the future?
CS: More nude, pin up photos!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
CS: Thank you so much for taking an interest in Suicidegirls and in myself! I’m always happy to make new friends and talk to those who are interested in the website. Don’t be a stranger.


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