Interview With “Brookie” Nycole Sanders Owner Of The Brookie Cookie

Posted: 07/03/2013 in Food


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

(Video review will be up soon. I think that Brookie Cookie is a very unique cookie experience. These cookies are on a gourmet level as good as any other cookie on the market. My only hope is that Brookie will send me lots more.)

MW: Please introduce yourself?
BN:  My name is “Brookie” Nycole Sanders, you can call me Brookie.

MW: What made you get into the food business?
BN:  My mom is a caterer and I wanted to do a product that represented her and some of the items she bakes. I used to watch her bake all the time growing up. She still cooks for me now! Originally “the original” cookie was something she used to cook all the time and then I created my own recipe for this brand.

MW: How did your product came about?
BN:  This Company was an event planning company about 4 years ago and the demand for my “cookie party favors” over shadowed the events and the additional products came in succession. You can still order the original “cookie favors” online.

MW: How me different lines of product do you have?
BN: There is only 1 line of product if that is what you mean? There are 4 original cookies Original, Almond Pecan, Cremepie and Pretzel Crunch which are the staples of the line. Then there are the additions- Biscotti, Double Chocolate Muffins and the Limited Edition cookies.

MW: Do you have any other products coming out?
BN: Yes, there are 2 New Limited edition cookies Peanut Butter and Coffee.  They have been tested this month and are delish! They will sell from July until December 13’ online. Depending on sales and popularity, they may be added to the line, we’ll see!

MW: Which one is your best selling product?
BN: The best sellers are definitely cremepie and pretzel crunch, hands down. People love the smooth double chocolate cremepie with vanilla crème and they love the salty sweet combo of the pretzel crunch. We even now sell the Pretzel Crunch Combo which are these two favorites combined.

MW: Where can consumers find your product in the store?
BN: Thanks to Kickstarter we will be opening our first flagship store in Brooklyn this Fall 13’. Consumers can always order online and get our products shipped to their doors in about 7 business days.

MW: Can consumers buy it from your website?
BN: Yes people can go to  or and order from around the USA only; we may be expanding to Canada at some point in the near future, depending on the demand. They can also call, 866-605-2528 to order M-F (9-5, EST).

MW: Do you do food trade show?
BN: We have not done any food trade shows yet until we open the store for additional space. We need production capacity for bigger orders and mass production. I have been approached by retailers who have wanted the product in massive quantities and we had to decline because of capacity issues. Once the store location opens, we will be able to seriously entertain those offers.

MW: How have they gone for you?
BN: Once we do a trade show I’ll let you know how it turns out.

MW: What do you see in the future for your company?
BN: The five year plan is to open at least 5 more locations; Two in New York and 3 more in different cities. I currently employ “regional cookie reps”. These women have cookie “brand parties” across the United States to spread the word about the company! They earn a 35-40% commission on their sales and get a free set up package to have party. (We are always hiring smiling faces and bright personalities to represent The BROOKIE COOKIE). Fortunately, these events have gone so well that there are plans to possibly research the higher grossing areas for a store for those regions. That is the future 5 year plan.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
BN: In closing, I’d like to say that anyone anywhere can achieve any dream or desire they have set in their heart. I have not had any formal culinary experience and have created a highly sought after product. This business was started and maintained through sheer passion, determination and persistence. I hope that when people learn about this journey, they are inspired to follow their own dreams no matter the cost, since without risk there are no rewards!


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