Update Interview With Shawnda Owner Of Dirty Girls Mud Wrestling

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Interview By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
S: Hello my name is Shawnda and I am the owner of Dirty Girls Mud Wrestling (DGMW).

MW: Tell me about Dirty Girls Mud Wrestling?
S: Dirty Girls Mud Wrestling (DGMW) is an amazing entertainment business. We are a team of women who work together and play DIRTY! We are known for mud wrestling but also do theme parties! We specialize is helping bars and night clubs reach higher sales. We also throw the best bachelor parties and even divorce parties We wrestle in everything from Mud to Watermelon. Playing
DIRTY is what we do best!


MW: What has happened since our last interview?
S: Since our last interview we have expanded our team and locations. We have also expanded our merchandise. We have also been working our favorite show Cruisefest Nationals every year so make sure to look for the Dirty Girls Crew at Cruisefest Nationals next year too!

MW: How has Dirty Girls Mud Wrestling grown?
S: We have grown in every way possible, lots of new ladies on the team, new theme parties, new wrestling shows. We have successfully reached over 130,000 viewers on our website! You can also see the DGMW Ladies in various music videos, commercials and more!


MW: How many girls do you have now?
S: We have a lot of ladies on our team so I will tell you about a few of the fun and wild ones!

MW: Tell me about each one?
S: Amanda has been with DGMW since the first show. She is a very loving and sweet girl! She’s all smiles and loves wrestling in everything except applesauce hahaha! Amanda has won the Cruisefest Nationals award for Biggest Booty! watch out for this one in the ring; she is very good at ripping the clothes off in a bra & panties match!
S: Brookelynn is our fierce Red Head! She is very feisty in and out of the ring! Our followers will tell you shes full of energy and resilience. She is also very creative and helps come up with lots of new ideas and ways of getting DIRTY! Brookelynn has won the Cruisefest Nationals award for Best Booty Shaking!
S: Nia is one of our newer ladies, but you’d never know she was new!! She is full of life and really brings it at every event!!! Shes gorgeous and petite, but don’t let that fool you! Shes small but mighty!!

S: Dani has been with us for quite some time now, and shes our tatted out Pin Up model! It may look like we have a new girl every week, since she changes her hair and gets new tats as often as possible! As you can see from her photo, she loves to play dirty and have tons of fun!!!! When she isn’t in the ring, you can find her on a pole doing some of the dopest tricks you’ve ever seen!
S: Kym is our wild one! She loves to get crazy and have a good time with her coworkers as well as the crowd. If you love to get dirty, Kym will come give you a big sweet muddy hug!

MW: Where can Dirty Girls Mud Wrestling be seen?
S: DGMW can be seen at Giggitys Bar (3210 springdale rd, Cinti., Oh 45252) Every Thursday night, Mi Hacienda Nite Club (3220 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield, Oh 45014) We will also be at III Kings Bar ( 8 west pike st, Covington, Ky 41011) on Tuesdays starting July 9, 2013. You can also see us at Bogarts Aug 17, 2013 performing with C.R.A.V.E and Reason 420. Stay up to date with our events at http://www.dirtygirlsmudwrestling.com or http://www.facebook.com/dirtygirlscincinnati


MW: Have you expanded your area yet?
S: Yes we have taken over Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana…… We are in the process of booking other states so stay tuned for dates!

MW: Take me through a Dirty Girls Mud Wrestling show?
S: At a typical mud wrestling show you will see at least 3 matches with 3 rounds in each match. You will be able to interact with the DGMW Ladies, play games, do body shots and maybe even wrestle. When attending a show be ready to have some DIRTY fun!

MW: What new things are you all doing?
S: We are currently working on a project that is for our DVD and booking lots of fun events for the summer. We will be having DGMW Pool Parties, Camping, Canoeing and much more!!!

MW: What is on tap for 2013?
S: Even though 2013 is half over its packed with tons of DIRTY Fun! We will be announcing our new sponsors, new merchandise and online series before the year is up!!!!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
S: First Thanks for interviewing us again! Thank you to all of our amazing fans who show us so much love and support, we appreciate each and every fan! Check us out at http://www.dirtygirlsmudwrestling.com and like us on facebook.com/Dirtygirlscincinnati


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