Interview With Rick Mora Who Plays Jacobs Grandfather Ephraim Black In Twilight

Posted: 06/20/2013 in Actors, Movies


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
RM: Hello, My name is Rick Mora and I am a Native American Actor,Model,radio personality,host and humanitarian.

MW: How or why did you get into the entertainment business?
RM: How about How AND Why. How: my best friend was a model and he introduced me to his agent. His agent said there is no one like you and I cannot promise you anything but if you want to give it a try, I will rep you. So I did. Why: I am gonna say it was a calling from a power greater than mine. Since that day, my life has never been the same. I did not choose this business, this business chose me.

MW: You are so well known for being Jacobs grandfather Ephraim in Twilight. How did you get the part?
RM: Well Known is such a charged phrase. I don’t think I am well known as Rick Mora, More like “Your That Guy”” to which I respond “Yes, I am that guy”. Eventually at some point I may do enough movies or a tv show or write a book where they will know me by my name. I am so honored to be “That Guy” because I can still walk with people with no problems, unlike the stars of Twilight who can not leave there house with out a someone making a fuss. By the way, I am Jacobs great great Grandfather. I am not credited at the end of the movie and I am listed on IMDB as Native American. #1…But the FANS have made me who I am from TWILIGHT. They passionate and I am so grateful. I got the part from a well known extra’s casting who put in front of Catherine Hardwick personally and the rest is history. Little know fact is that there are 3 other warriors and 2 women as well who never see the light of day in the movie. Once again, I am very honored by what the fans have given me.

MW: How was it working on the first Twilight?
RM: It was alright…for a 30 MILLION dollar film????? It was freaking AWESOME!!! Craft services was INSANE. Best food ever, best candy, best snacks, best best best!! Then there was the huge production crew so it was run very tight. Running with 8 wolves was amazing. Working with the guy from Harry Potter, Way Kool! I was a big fan of Niki Reed and Catherine Hardwick from the movie 13. Working on the set of TWILIGHT was a once in a lifetime experience for scoring a principle extra role. Now I am blessed with more big movies and character roles.

MW: Everyone was equal at that point because there was no big stars as of yet so who was cool to work with?
RM: Everybody was not equal. Rob was from Harry Potter, Nikki Reed was the writer and lead actress in the movie 13 which Catherine Hardwick directed, Peter Facinelli was very established. The only actors I worked with who was new was Emmet Kullen. Peter Facinelli was my scene partner and we had to shake hands for about 4 hours one day so I got to know him very well and met his daughters. We also share a agent for convention appearances.Very nice man.

MW: When you did Twilight did you think it would have the huge success it has had almost 10 years later?
RM: I never read the books but since the franchise started in 2008, my life has never been the same. It has been an insane phenomena. I never imagined 15 seconds in a world wide blockbuster could have this impact on my life. I have been an actor for over 10 year with major campaigns and world wide accounts but nothing was more valuable than Native American #1-EPHRAIM BLACK.

MW: Do you have a lot of Twilight fans reach out to you all the time?
RM: TWILIGHT fans reach out all the time. From all over over the world. It seems like people are experiencing TWILIGHT all over again because it keeps getting stronger as time goes by. I am honored to respond to each and every email.

MW: Tell me about the 3 films you are in that are coming out in 2013?
RM: I have been very blessed to take my place amongst many amazing actors in the upcoming movie called LITTLE BOY. I play the magicians assistant (Ben Chaplin) named KID FALCON. Movie stars Kevin James,Sean Astin, Emily Watson,Tom Wilkinson and 10 more A list actors. Amazing film. I have a small part in a 20 million dollar film. I also have a small part in a horror film called SAVAGED. Its an insane movie and am proud to be a part of another horror film that I feel will be a classic. I love to do horror films because they are CRAZY!!! And finally I have a short film I did with a UCLA grad student with all 5 of my Native actors including Saginaw Grant who plays the chief in the LONE RANGER coming out. Its an awesome little film that has a message relevant to today’s political climate.

MW: What conventions will you be signing autographs at this year?
RM:As of today, I will be appearing at the Crystal Coast Con October 19,2013 in Swansborro NC. Its a convention that has tripled in popularity in the last 3 years. I was there last year and they are awesome in NC. I also do club appearances and will be in OKC in June and am a producer of the ALASKA FASHION WEEK and will be in Alaska at the end of June.

MW: What else do you have going on for 2013?
RM: I am very blessed to have a full package for the year. I am divided between 2 film, appearances and Literary deal. My life continues to change by leaps and bounds as we speak so I will probably have 10 more gigs by the time this interview goes to print.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
RM:In closing, I want all to know that Rick Mora is a normal guy that appreciates all the opportunities I have been given. I do my best to deliver a positive message and am committed to a positive mind body spirit. Please tap into my network and LIKE my FB, join my Twitter and follow me on YOUTUBE. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to share my words with you audience. I encourage all to seek out my charities: Saving K-9 Lives, the E. Joice Thomson Foundation and CRS who work with our fallen firefighters and US military.


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