Interview With Kimmie Willis Davenport From Hell’s Kitchen Season 10

Posted: 06/15/2013 in Hell's Kitchen, Reality TV, Television

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
KWD: My name is Kimmie Willis Davenport and I am a Celebrity Chef from Season 10 of Hell’s Kitchen!

MW: How did you get cast to be on Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 in 2012?
KWD: I went through a year long Interviewing process, from off camera to on camera and then even going to LA for the final interview.

MW: What was your favorite challenge to do? And why?
KWD: I think my favorite Challenge we did was when we had to create a southern dish,Me being from Memphis,this challenge was right up my alley! And then it was my two favorite foods, Pork Chops and Grits.. yummy!!

MW: What was your favorite reward to win? And why?
KWD: My favorite reward to win was when we went to the spa. I had never been to the spa before because I was very shy about showing off my body, I had no confidence. And the employees treated me like a queen! It was amazing. Memories that will last a life time!

MW: What was the worst punishment for you to do? And why?
KWD: OMFG.. the worst punishment was DELIVERY DAY!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH It was hell cause I felt like my body was going to break down, but sitting in the hot tub made it fell all better! 🙂

MW: Who did you like to hang out with on the show?
KWD: I liked to hang out with Robyn,Christina, Tiffany and Roshni! 🙂

MW: Who did you not like to hang out with on the show?
KWD: Well on the show me and Barbie, Danielle and Dana didn’t really get along. But emotions are high living under one roof. And today I am friends with all the girls and have hung out with them, especially Barbie, welcoming me in her home and treating me and my hubby like family! love her so much!

MW: What did you and the other contestants do during your all’s downtime? KWD: Well I was usually hitting the recipe books to make sure I knew what I needed for the next day! And I did a lot of writing of my famous raps! 🙂 and everyone else just all chilled and relaxed, if we had the time..

MW: How was it working with Gordon Ramsay?
KWD: It was literally a dream come true.. Never in my entire life did I think I would be standing in that kitchen and cook along side the Best Chef in the world! But I did and made it to the TOP 8 out of 18 and words can not describe the feeling of knowing you accomplished one of your dreams in life!:)

MW: Would you go back on Hell’s Kitchen if there was All-Star Season?
KWD: HELL YEAH!! Now that I know what I know. And I am in a better state of mind and I have matured a lot since the show! I would love to go back for an ALL Star season!

MW: What do you do now?
KWD: I just recently got married 6 months ago and I adopted a 17 year old last year that just turned 18. We just moved to Morgantown, WV and we also have our own Catering business called LiL Bitz, from “5 star to Soul FOOD, we serve lil bits of everything!” and I am also working here in Morgantown as the Chef de Cuisine at Coach’s Crabshack!

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
KWD: I would like to say make sure to always follow your dreams, and reach for the stars! Dreams really can come true!

  1. Gale Andrews says:

    We miss that big smile in Memphis, but, there is always Face Book..LOL..Good Luck there!

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