SuicideGirl Interview Of The Day Aadie Lee

Posted: 06/07/2013 in Model, SuicideGirl Interview of The Day

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
AL: My name is Aadie Lee

MW: How would the readers of Blastzone Online know you?
AL: They may be familier with my work as a suicideGirl, or as tattooed model. I have also appeared in music videos.

MW: How did you become a SuicideGirl?
AL: I became an SG back in 2010, I applied to the web site as a ‘Hopeful’ and shot my first full nude set.. A few months later the fans and staff voted me into the SG family.

MW: How long have you been a SuicideGirl?
AL: Since 2010.

MW: What does it mean to be a SuicideGirl?
AL: Any woman possesses what it take to be a SuicideGirl, its attitude, confidence, and strength. We are powerful proud women, and we love to break social norms. We who we are and Love what we represent to people. We are powerful Women.

MW: What kind of photos do you do for SuicideGirls?
AL: Artistic nude sets.

MW: Is Suicide Girls only a subscription based site?
AL: yes.

MW: How can people find you on SuicideGirls website?
AL: by searching ‘Aadie’.

MW: Do you only do photos for your fans to see?
AL: No.

MW: How can a girl become a SuicideGirl?
AL: By applying through the website as a ‘Hopeful’.

MW: What can the fans of SuicideGirls expect from you i the future?
AL: I always have a full plate, I’m never static. I just shot a new SG set last night, and I also just released two new ‘Aadie Lee’ brand T-shirts and a necklace both of which can be found here:

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
AL: What other people think of you is never any of your business. Believe in yourself and fight for what you what, nothing comes easy.


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