Exclusive Interview With Shane tucker AKA Bucket Of Redneck Island Season 3 On CMT June 5th.

Posted: 06/02/2013 in Reality TV, Redneck Island, Television

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
B: my name is Shane tucker but everybody calls me Bucket.
MW: How did you get cast to be on Redneck Island season 3?
B: i filled out an application online and did some Skype interviews.
MW: What did you think when you were cast to be on Redneck Island season 3?
B: i thought it was surreal. I’m still not sure its hit me all the way. Probably will tho when i see my mug on tv.
MW: Did you watch season 1 or 2 of Redneck Island?
B: yes i watched both seasons religiously
MW: Which season 1 or 2 did you like the most?
B: i liked season two the most. They just seemed to be more redneck.
MW: If you could play with a cast member of Redneck Island season 1 or 2 who would it be and why?
B: season one probably Bobo cause he was funny and looked to be a easy going country boy. Season two, probably nick or wade. Both Alabama boys and funny.
MW: Which episode of season 3 is your favorite?
B: not sure. Haven’t seen any of them yet but I’m sure they will all be entertaining.
MW: How was it getting to work with Stone Cold Steve Austin?
B: Steve Austin is the coolest guy ever. On and off camera he was funny and seemed sincere.
MW: What else do you do when your home for a job?
B: I’m a bonified true blue used car salesman.
MW: Why do you consider yourself a redneck?
B: I’m a redneck cause its how i was raised. You appreciate what you have, don’t want for what you don’t have and always find a way to survive by doing whatever it takes.
MW: What would you like to say in closing?
B: its been one helluva ride so far and the show hasn’t even aired yet. I know good things are coming because of this show just hanging on tight because this ride is gonna get super fun.



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