Exclusive Interview With Mike Mace Of Redneck Island Season 3 On CMT June 5th.

Posted: 05/29/2013 in Reality TV, Redneck Island, Television


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
MM: My name is Mike Mace 26 years old from Rocky Mount, NC.

MW: Did you watch season 1 or 2 of Redneck Island?
MM: I did watch the first two seasons of Redneck Island and thought it was the best competition show on any channel.

MW: Which season 1 or 2 did you like the most?
MM:  I liked the second season the most. It actually had rednecks on it. Not that the first season didn’t but there were maybe 3 rednecks on the first season everyone else just lived in the south.

MW: If you could play with a cast member of Redneck Island season 1 or 2 who would it be and why?
MM: I’d probably wanna play the game with Wade from season 2. Not only did he win his season but he’s a trustworthy guy and you can take anything he says to the bank.

MW: Which episode of season 3 is your favorite?
MM: Can’t say which is my favorite episode from season 3 until it actually airs.

MW: How was it getting to work with Stone Cold Steve Austin?
MM: Steve Austin is without a doubt one of the funniest nicest guys I’ve ever met. How you saw him every Monday night on WWE is how he is in real life except when the cameras weren’t rolling he had no filter so he could say whatever he wanted always good for a laugh.

MW: What else do you do when your home for a job?
MM: My family owns a exterminating company here in town. It has been family owned now for years I’m the 4th generation. We take care of termites, wood fungus’s, and do commercial and residential pest management services.

MW: Why do you consider yourself a redneck?
MM: Being a redneck is one of those things people ask me all the time what is my definition of it. Honestly it is living like your grandparents and great grandparents did back 100 to 200 years ago. They didn’t have much then but they got by with they could make and the natural resources at their disposal and I do the same thing. I don’t have alot but give me some duct tape and a idea and I can make something and have a good time doing it. This country was founded by moonshine making rednecks I mean hell what do you think red, white, and blue stands for. Redneck white trash and blue collar. Welcome to America.

MW: What would you li to say in closing?
MM: This is going to be the biggest craziest wildest reddest season yet. You don’t have to be a redneck to enjoy the show I would put this show up against anything out there right now and let the ratings speak for themselves. The cast I was privileged enough to work with is the best group of cats I’ve ever met and I’m privileged enough to call them my friends. Also don’t forget to go and like my fan page at www.facebook.com/redneckislandsmikemace


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